Should parents call their children things like North West?

Asked by: M.B
  • Should and Can are different questions.

    Should parents call their children weird things, probably not. Should they be able to call their children weird names. Yes. It is an expression of freedom to name yourself or your child whatever they so desire. It's really not something I think they should do, but we don't say to smokers that they can't smoke even when its detrimental to them and anyone who is near them when they some.

  • It's the parents decision.

    I personally think 'Northwest' is a ridiculous name and would never call my child that but it is the parents choice. I feel sorry Kim Kardashian and her husband and how much they have been spoken about because of the name of their child. In my opinion parents should be able name their child exactly want they want to call it without being singled out and bullied. Does the name of a child really effect other people?

  • Why shouldn't they?

    I personally wouldn't call my kid, "Northwest" or anything like that, but if the parents have a reason for naming their child that, then that is their business, no one else's. Yes, that child will have to be stuck with that name for at least 18 years, If they don't like it then they always have the option to legally change it. If they like it well then that's good for them, but you will never really know if they like the name or not until they are able to speak and tell you their opinion.

  • Its a stupid name but their choice.

    I don't really think it was the best idea to pun your child, but a parent can call their kid anything, and alot of names are perhaps inadvisable. Calling your son Lindsey or Poindexter also might be considered bad names, but no one has any right to tell a parent how to deal with their kid. Honestly, theres a chance your son or daughter won't like the name you give them no matter what, so you should just pick what you think is best and hope it works out.

  • Um why is this is even here?

    It is not any ones prerogative to dictate the name of another persons offspring (you were not there when it was being made so you have no say on the outcome). This is yet another misguided believe that what one person thinks about another person (or persons action) should dictate what is "allowed."

  • No, never ever

    Parents shouldnt even name their kids anything! Kids should be able to pick their own names when they turn 7 years old so that they arent forced to be stuck with some retarded name like "North West" or "Hashtag" or any black girl name that sounds super ghetto like 'Adeleesha' or something. Parents cant be trusted with naming their kids just like how idiots cant be trusted to vote for the right reasons

  • Kim and Kayne

    I think that parents shouldn't choose names that would be a slight pun example North West as Kim and Kanye called their baby this year. The baby cannot choose its name therefore its up to the parents to choose a really big thing that will stick unless changed to that human, i mean are these names not a call for taking the micky?

    Posted by: M.B
  • It's attention seeking.

    Whether or not I'm correct, I don't know; but I've always held a strong belief that people who name their children ridiculous things such as North West and Hashtag are seeking attention - if they are famous, they want the media all over them, and if they aren't famous, they want their five minutes of fame. Either that or they have no concept of the intense bullying that their child is going to experience in their later years, due to their cruel and unfair decision. It's a good thing that getting your name changed is possible - If I was called North West, I wouldn't want to even be seen in public.

  • Bad parent award

    Parents should really be more careful while choosing a name for their kid. I understand they have a right over what they wish to name their child but they also have a duty towards providing that child with the best possible future. Naming a kid North West is authorized bullying, which in my opinion is a dereliction of parental duty.

  • Why would you name your child that?

    Not only did they set their child up to be made fun of for being the offspring of Kanye West and Kim Kardashian, but they saddled the child with a name which allows the bullies even more opportunities. Honestly, if I was in a school with that kid, I would make fun of her so much. I'm not even the bullying type.

    Honestly, parents are within their rights to do it, but when it comes to being responsible to your children, you (ethically and morally) should not.

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