• Yes because its dangerous

    If parents done censor children on the Internet, while yes, they need to grow up and know that some things exist, but a lot of the time the Internet blows it out of proportion and makes it fake. Children should be censored from predators and dangerous websites that inflict fake news.

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  • Because you children don't know whats best

    Dick swag yolo and all that stuff that you children say leads me to believe you need good mentor ship and you call others mean names which is really bad you just don't see the long term effects that it could cause to someones life and well being . .

  • Children Overwhelmed by Adult Sites, Themes

    There is enough violence, crime and inappropriate images for children to be exposed to on the Internet. Parents have the sole authority to censor and monitor their kids on the Internet whether they access sites on computers or on mobile devices. Parental figures have the right to censor kids' activities based upon their own parenting styles and choices as they see fit.

  • Parents shouldn't block a child's eyes from the inevitable.

    Parents should not censor the inappropriate content, since many kids who go online are much younger than your average teenager. For example, if a child were to see a bad website online they will click the exit button immediately and may never return to the site. Saying if they were small enough children. For that reason, eventually they will find out the mysteries of the world, since suggestive topics are brought up in even children shows. Furthermore, while somethings online can be bad and should probably be to know and learn from a young age, so that when they are older, they may not be so curious as to what really goes on “behind the scenes”. All in all, parents shouldn’t block kids from seeing the world on their tablets, computers, and/or phones. Censored from small beady eyes (that of a child), it is also not horrible for them

  • Children should see

    It themselves and learn from their own mistakes. They have a right for their own opinion and don't be limited to certain sites. If their end up on a bad site by accent, they won't go there the next time. So what is the point of forbidding it in the first place?

  • Children should make their own decisions

    Children need to lean to be independent and how are they going to do that if everyone is making decisions for them? There is going to be a point in their life where something bad happens and if you are not their, they will have relied on you so much they will not know what to do.

  • Regardless of censorship, still ways around it

    This is in fact the reason why Pornography cannot be accessed without first asking your Internet Service Provider, even though there are ways of bypassing their blacklist without getting express permission from the provider.

    The same goes for censorship for children, if the child is intelligent enough they can bypass the measures by their parent fairly easily and access whatever content they desire. The best way to keep a child safe on the Internet would be to educate them; the same principle applies with the law, no rule is going to stop people from committing that crime, in fact it does quite the opposite in most cases. Education is far more powerful than just simple rules, you should explain the rules clearly and precisely to your children instead of just making them up, otherwise they will have any excuse to commit the crime.

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