Should parents choose their children's partners to marry?

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  • Not allow the parents to choose the children spouse

    They should not, choose the children livestyle. Children should be Free to do what the want to do in with the life and married who m the want to married. It think parents should allow they children to make the right choice the children want to make and the own decisions

  • Yes they should

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  • It's their Life.

    Parents should never be allowed to decide who their children marry. That tradition is as ancient as the dinosaurs. No parent gets to decide who makes their child happy. In this generation children are breaking more and more away from their parents and it's for good reason. Parents are trying to push ancient beliefs and practices on their children with no regard as to how the children feel.

  • No, Parents should not be involved.

    All children grow up into adults. At that point this individual has every right to choose who they want to spend the rest of their life with. A parent should not be involved. They should trust that they have raised their child properly to choose the right partner for the rest of their life.

  • Parents should not choose their children's partners in marriage.

    This is because at the end of the day your parents aren't going to be tolerating that person, sleeping with them, spending time with them.
    It can also do more harm than good if you have been forced to marry that person, especially if they don't treat you well and respect you.

  • Parents should not be involved in choosing their children's partner in terms of love and marriage.

    Actually, love is more of pleasure and attractions. Once, the parents are there to help their children to choose whom they have to marry, there will be the mistakes because the parents do not know the internal feeling of their children. Parents should not be involved truly in their children's marriage

  • No they shouldent

    I feel that your parents should not pick your partner because you are soupest to spend the rest of your like with that person and if your parents picked them i don't think you really love them as much as when you pick him or her by yourself. That is why i feel that your parents should not pick your perfect partner

  • No, parents shouldn't choose who their kid marries!!

    I think parents shouldn't choose who their kid marries because kids are all about adventure and creativity. I think they should be able to experience love themselves, SO THEY COULD DECIDE IF THEY WANNA MARRY SOMEONE OR NOT! I know I am only 11 but I think I have the right to choose who I MARRY!

  • Freedom is important:

    I think whenever a kid want to be married, they have the right to do that and whoever they want to be married is not a big deal as long as they love each other, so parents should never care about their kid's marriage as long as it is good.

  • Of Course Not

    No. Parents should never choose their child's spouse for them.

    The parents may not know their child's interest, preferences, and who they truly love. If the child is not content with his or her spouse, they can easily get a divorce or cheat on their spouse.

    Parents have no right, obligation, or authority to choose their child's spouse or career.

  • Of course not

    How would you like it if your parents chose your husband or wife? No, you won't be happy. I think that if two young people are forced to marry, their marriage would surely and indeed be a most unhappy one. If parents choose their child's spouse, they might as well get their parents to divorce.

    Okay? Kids choose their own spouses.

  • Love is Important

    Dear Communists:
    I believe that you should have the very basic human right to choose who you want or don't want to marry. It is stupid to choose a spouse for someone. Children have the right to choose their friends, careers, interests, sexuality, religion, and spouses. It is communism if we choose our kid's spouses.

    Thank you, and have a nice day.

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