• Their house, their rules.

    Imagine you just got your own place and you have a roommate who you have known for a long time. The place is in your name and you pay the majority of the rent. You put many things into your new home. Your new computer, TV and many other expensive things as well as some cherished items. Your roommate wants to invite a person over who has been known to vandalize property, steal things, hurt people, and deals drugs. It is reasonable to see how having the person over could be problematic. Do you allow this person into your home? Would feel comfortable leaving while the person was there?
    Right now, you probably live in your parents home, even if you never invite the person over, your parents may not trust them with something they find of even more value, their child.
    Once you get your own place, feel free to make any rules you want. The big thing about having your own place is that not only do you make your own rules, you also suffer the consequences if things go wrong.

  • This is a bit weird coming from a child

    In a way, yes I do think that parent's should have a say in who their kid dates. At least while they're a kid, not when they're like twenty-five. It'd be nice to see parents keeping their kid from making a stupid decision. They can usually see that huge warning sign that says "you'll be together for like a month before you break up over something stupid". Yeah, it really wouldn't be so bad and it might even stop kids from ruining their futures, so that's another plus.

  • Honor Thy Mother and Thy Father

    If you have good, Supportive parents than you should never disrespect the by throwing a terrible person in their midst and then proceed, Upon hearing their concern, To go and stuff it. Those parents then certainly have the right to disown that adult child. Telling your parents that your personal life is none of their business is BS and a cop out and it shows the person to be entitled and ungrateful.

  • Wisdom and external vantages are great aids:

    Parents usually have a stronger idea of what to look for in a good partner. Presuming that they are acting in the interest of their children they will give honest reports on the signs of good and bad presentation in individuals so that the family unit may be better off both new and old combining.

  • Why I should choose

    I would not want my parents to choose for me after all I am the one who is going to live with him.. Not them. We live in a society where by people should be allowed to date and even marry whomever they please regardless of who they are in life

  • Parent shouldn't choose who you date.

    First of all, Parents don't know their kid or kids as well as kids know themselves. Most ot the time kids will know who they are attracted to and who they will be able to love. Secondly, kids need to learn to make their own mistakes when it comes to dating or else who do they know who they like. Lastly, since its not their life they should step back and just hlp their kids when they make those mistakes!

  • Of course not

    While I do believe a parent shouldn't choose who there children date, they definitely are allowed to have a say in it. It is true that your parents probably have more wisdom in dating and such which is why people may opt for saying yes. But at the same time the children do need there own experiences. I also think that while the parent may know there own child very well, they don't know the person that there child is dating. It is possible that the boyfriend/girlfriend is a terrible partner, but it is also possible that they actually do care for the child. Now of course the parents should set rules and regulations and still give there daughter/son advice, but as far as dictating there love life goes, that should be left to the actual child.

  • My taste in men is different from my mother's taste.

    Secondly, I believe if we have all these right one of which should at least be who I am able to date. If my parents don't like who I date, that fact most likely would not stop me from seeing that person. I am the one who has to live with that person after all anyway not them.

  • That takes away from any freedom

    It's not a good idea because well it's plain and simple parents usually pick partners that fit for them and kind of just not take the child into consideration. Also a lot of parents pick partners of the same ethnic background and judge on first glance without actually talking to the person and have very biased ways of choosing partners also there not the one's dating them so they should just let the kid find out who he is in a relationship and what type of people that the child actually likes. Parents can offer advice but nothing more

  • That is very silly

    I think parents should offer advice but choosing is different thing altogether. They aren't the ones dating them. They often would choose partners that don't fit with their child. We should get to choose who we date. I can't believe that somebody said yes to this.

    So yeah. I don't have to much of an argument as I believe it's just common sense.

  • Choose? No. Advise? Yes.

    I think parents can offer advice, from their own experiences, that can be helpful. In some cases, the advice could even spare a child from pain and/or abuse. I also think that rules should be, in place, for minors when dating. Your parents know you, whether you think they do or not. They know your personality. They can probably even describe the type of guy or girl you like, i.e. after a while a pattern emerges. So, it might pay to listen. You don't have to follow through, but you might be pleasantly surprised!

  • Did we choose their partner for them

    I don’t recall choosing their partner for them.
    I’m a human, Not a robot or a computer program. I’m the one who the relationship is about in terms of parent & child to partner. The relationship is about me and my partner (wife, Stacy). I don’t need my parents picking that out for me, They don’t feel my emotions for me.

    My mother & this woman (M) tried to mamanipulate me into dating (M) by saying she was my cousin, So I wouldn’t be suspicious of her presence around me. She invited her to stay over weekends. Hoping that one day I would get used to her presence, Bond with her fall for and then she’d drop the bomb on me that she’s not related to me. It made my actual partner think I was two timing. All the while I didn’t even have eyes for person M. And when person M was around, I’d usually be in my room by myself and thinking about Stacy. So while outside looking in it looked like I was involved with person M. I was paying her no mind and focused on Stacy. Interestingly I wasn’t suspicious of person M right away, It’s not until I started observing behaviors that I realized. Stacy eventually came to investigate for herself, And that same night (my mom was gone for the weekend) perskn M tried to invite me into a sexual situation with her. I ran out the house and kicked person M out. Because I knew Stacy tends to be protective of me in terms of other women, So that Stacy showed up investigating confirmed all the red flags about person M’s presence around me that I thought I was just being over paranoid about. I wouldn’t even know if person M was getting in touch with Stacy, Telling Stacy lies about how me and her (Person M) were having sex, Going on dates and making plans to kick Stacy to the curb and start a future. God knows I wouldn’t do that to Stacy and person M had no appeal to me, Even if I was horny I wouldn’t look her way. I’m too picky. But the point being, Don’t let your parents try to choose your partner for you. Next thing you know they screw up an actual relationship you have with an amazing person and you’re left with some hoe you don’t like, While they say there’s more women to choose from. Well I didn’t need to choose from other women because there was already a special one named Stacy who cared about me in spite of my mistakes before all your interference in my love life. I’m just glad I didn’t have sex with
    person M, Flirt with person M, Or do anything sexual or romantic or courting like with person M and although it didn’t look like it, I stayed loyal to Stacy in spite of the situation I was forced in.

  • Why parents should not choose spouses

    Answer: because we as kids or young adults have our own minds and feelings towards our signifcant others. We also know what we want and what we dont want in a relationship setting. Like me for example i love who im dating but my parent strongly object, too bad its my relationship i deal with all of the bagggaes not them. Besides i really like being able to be independant and date who i want too.

  • It Depends On Age

    Yes it's true that your parents don't know who you like or what you like , so they shouldn't be able to pick for you but they do have a say in it. Especially if you're a minor then they have a lot of say in it, but if their over 18 then the parent should have no say what's so ever on who their child dates. If their going to make a mistake then , the young adult must learn on their own

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SweetTea says2014-08-02T22:17:17.983
Here's a thought to consider ... Only once, in my entire life, did my mother want to introduce me to a guy. My first reaction was, "I am NOT desperate!" Yes, I was a book-worm who was driven to make straight A's. I didn't date much. But the gesture was somewhat insulting. Her response was simple, "You'd like him." Now, my dear sweet departed Mom & I had very opposite tastes on just about everything. Although, we did agree that The Eagles made great music & George Clooney was drop-dead gorgeous. In 1981, George was literally unknown. So, I was skeptical and added, "I have NEVER been on a blind-date." She grinned devilishly and reminded me that she met my father on a blind-date. For a week, the subject was not mentioned again. But my curiosity was up. So, I said, "Give him my number -- NOTHING else Mom!" She did. After a few phone calls, we actually "met" for our first date. And he was handsome ... Smart ... Well-built ... Fun ... Think Tom Selleck in his Magnum P.I. Days! I nearly fainted! We clicked, instantly. It was a whirlwind romance with an engagement-ring in 6 weeks. Then, we married a year after that. It's been 32 wonderfully blissful years & counting. My mother really did know best!