Should parents create a video blog for newborn babies to watch later in life?

  • Some Parents Should Video Blog for Newborns

    Some but not all parents should create a video blog for their newborns to watch after they grow up. Such a video history of a child's younger years can be a great sentimental piece. With that in mind, not all parents are up to the task, and this isn't a requirement.

  • It's a nice idea

    I haven't kept up with one for my two year old, but we have lots of footage of him we'll be glad to have later. My parents did the Magic Santa thing for him this Christmas and he was fascinated by it. Later in life "this is you in a video" isn't going to be enough to interest a teenager, but it still conveys a lot of love and caring and I support the concept.

  • Yes, video blogs are fun.

    No one should feel pressured to create such a blog for their newborn, but just as parents have always taken photos and saved them in an album, a video blog that a child can see later about his or her early days is eventually going to be much appreciated and even treasured.

  • Parents Should Create Video Blog for Newborns

    Without a doubt, parents should consider creating a video blog for their newborns to see later in life. It's a cool project that people would love to see later in life. A video blog is more immersive than family photos and similar things after all. Not all families are close enough to do such a thing, though.

  • It would be great

    This idea would be very special to their children and it would be great. There are stories about parents who know they are going to die will create videos for their children to see at specific moments of life. I think it would be a great idea to do the same, even without the knowledge that you may die.

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