• Yes Of course!

    I think that yes we need to have curfews for teens, but parents should also pay attention to the age and what they are doing to how late the curfew should be. Also if the the place where they live is dangerous then be more careful to how late they are staying out.

  • Of course they should!

    Unless parents want their teens staying out all night and getting in all manner of trouble, then I suggest they have a strict curfew. This should include consequences should the teens break said curfew. This is just common sense for most people, because if it wasn't then teen wouldn't need parents at all.

  • Yes They Should

    Parents should definitely set curfews for teens. There is reason for teens to be out late at night. There is nothing but trouble out there late at night. It is understandable why parents set a curfew for their teens. Its a safety measure and to ensure their kids stay out of trouble.

  • Yes, parents should want to keep their kids from being out too late.

    I believe parents should implement curfews for teens because there really is no reason for them to be out late. Unless you've discussed a good reason to be out later than the curfew, there are no good reasons for a teenager to be out later than a specified time each night.

  • Parents are responsible for their teen's safety

    Teens are not yet old enough to ascertain all the possible dangers that can occur when lurking around at night, yet many think they are old enough. Parents need to step in to protect children. There are many predators out there who prey on young people who are out at night.

    Teens also need enough sleep to be able to function effectively, yet few are mature enough to make it a priority, so that is a parent's job.

  • Parents should not set a curfew for children.

    Children need to learn to be independent and manage their own time. They cannot depend on their parents every single day. By that, they can learn how to dicipline themselves. Furthermore, some children as they grow into adults, they might have not enough time to relax and hangout with their friends as they will be busy working everyday from morning till evening around 7 p.M. Therefore , the only time they could spend with their friends or colleagues is after working hours or at night in other words. We can't deny that we need to relax and chill out atleast once a week right ?

  • No they should not

    The reason why there should not be any curfew is because if kids get a curfew they will be holding up all the fun they want to do, so when the day comes that they can finally gop out, they will probably do something dumb and they will not know how to deal with the situation of being out and not having any knowledge of what to do that time of day of place.

  • No they should not have one

    I think that teens should not have one because the good teens that don't get into trouble will not get to get out and have fun just because they were stereotyped as a bad teen because of what someone else did plus teens need their own space and they get grumpy when they are around the same people all of the time especially an authority figure.

  • It depends on the occasion

    If the kid is in a safe environment with another family and other friends then the child should have not as much of a curfew. But if such child is out at night. And a legal guardian does not know where they are then there should be a strict curfew, before the sun sets.

  • No not realy

    I have a couple of teen and yes they do what they want whenever they want. Even in the middle of the day during school. They can be doing this behind your back during the day and enjoy the rest at night to be ready for their exploring there next day adventure.

  • No they should not!

    People say that teens are more likely to do bad stuff when its the middle of the night, but speaking as someone who has experience, teens will do whatever they please no matter what the time of day is! If you're worried about them drinking...You realize they can do that in the daytime too! Plus more crimes are committed in daylight than under the light of the moon!

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