Should parents decide the carrier of their children?

  • Parents should decide wisely

    I do not see any reason why a parent should not decide for the carrier for their children when it would involve an important role in the safety of their children. If the carrier is not safe then the parent should be well aware of that fact and decide accordingly.

  • Ship decides not the craftsmen who made it!!!!

    Children should be allowed to decide their own career . They will do better in the areas of their interest. They may do bad in the field not of their type and me feel it boring. Don't force them just guide them . A craftsmen who made the ship doesn't decide the way ship goes .

  • Let them follow their dreams

    No, parents should let the children decide. I know many cases of children who were pressured to choose a certain career. At best, they had wasted years of their life doing what they disliked, then dropped it and started a totally knew line of work - the one they had always wanted to pursue. At worst, they got stuck in their unwanted career and resented it for the rest of their lives.

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