Should parents decide the gender of their baby?

Asked by: beefcurtians
  • Parents should be able to choose their childs' gender

    Parents should be able to choose their childs' gender when they are born because it causes no harm to the child. The child can decide its own gender later in life once it has developed the mental faculties to form its own opinion based on its own experience in the world.

  • We live in a world of Gender Fluidity, It's time to adapt

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  • Sorry, just popping in to say that parents cannot decide the gender of their baby.

    Gender is perception, how the child sees themselves. Sex is what the parents would decide if this was approved. Sorry for the interruption! While we are on this subject, we should talk about sexual orientation! It's a change that is drawing all sorts of attention, negative and positive. Not pro or con here, just making a statement.

  • Of course not

    Sex (male or female) is determine by genes
    Gender could have two definitions, 1) synonyms with sex, or the definition that just start like 30 years ago 2) how the person identifies.
    If you allow the parents to identify the child, then how long does that last for? When can the child decide for themselves? What if a parent identifies the child as a Pangender: A person who identifies as more than one gender.
    Poligender: Translates to ‘many genders’. A person who identifies as more than one gender.
    Omnigender: Translates to ‘all genders’. A person who identifies as more than one gender.

    What if they said the babies gender is a person who identifies as sexual attraction to llamas? Why isn't anyone talking about how llamas play into gender fluid identity?!

  • Are you identifying their gender for them? I thought individuals were suppose to be able to decide their gender.

    I don't believe any of this bs. There are two genders and it's biological based on genes. People have known this since the beginning of time. It is only lately that we think there a 20 billion genders. A male has a penis and a female has a vagina. It should be very simple.

  • Gender is NOT a social construct

    You are either a male or female. If you pop out with a dong, you are legally classified as a male. If you have a wrong, you are classified as a female. That is the easiest way to tell. Other things that classify your gender are your interests, voice, body shape, and face shape. The parent cant call a baby a transgender just because they want to. Society needs to man up and accept that you are the gender that you are assigned at birth.

  • You get what you get

    If you are born with a weenie, you are a boy. If you are born with the counterpart, then you are a girl. When it comes to deformed parts, those parts are still there just deformed.

    Please note that: I did not research any evidence, it is in the morning and I don't feel like writing a lot.

  • Parents don't have the ability to alter gender.

    Gender is not based on feelings, nor is it based on the decision of any human being. We cannot choose our gender, and parents cannot choose our gender for us (unless they abort children for being the wrong gender). Attempting to change the gender of children hurts them by incredible amounts, and it hurts our society. It hurts children by increasing their rates of depression and suicide drastically, and it hurts society by perpetuating the lie that gender is fluid- a common delusion in modern society.

    Of course, the big issue surrounding this debate is the difference between gender and sex. In order to demonstrate my position, I will provide my definitions of each of these terms.
    Sex: The specific role a person plays, based on their anatomy and genes, regarding reproduction. The two roles are impregnator and impregnatee, so there are two sexes: male and female.
    Gender: The thoughts, feelings, and associations regarding the two categories of sex. The male gender is the thoughts, feelings, and associations regarding the male sex; likewise for the female gender.

    These definitions maintain the idea that gender and sex are different and that male and female are the two categories of each. One might say that the definition of sex I provided is incorrect because not all men and women are able to have children. This is simply a deformity from the standard. We do not modify the standard to fit the outlier. Some might say that gender is whatever a person feels at the moment, thus making gender fluid. If gender is based on feelings, then we all have different genders because we all have slightly different feelings. This is why many believe there are potentially infinite genders. The problem is, if we all fit into a different type of gender, then the term "gender" is absolutely meaningless. By trying to describe everything, it describes absolutely nothing. If we want our words to have actual meaning, we should reject the gender fluid definition based on feelings.

    Since gender is not fluid, we can't change roles in reproduction, and we can't change sex by genetics, gender cannot change. When we try to make it change, we are deluding ourselves.

    The way the question was phrased makes it clear that this is a moral question. This is not merely about whether we are able to choose the gender of our children, but whether we should be. If we are arguing based on morality, then we need some sort of standard to define what is right and wrong. In other words, we need God to tell us what is right and wrong. God has indeed spoken on this issue and told us that we are made perfect in His sight, our gender is not a mistake, our gender is a part of God's plan, and to reject it is to reject God and His plan. Therefore, it is immoral to change the gender of our children or ourselves.

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