• Yes, parents should talk about all substances.

    Substance abuse is common in the modern world and prescription drugs are no exception. Ignoring the issue and not discussing it with teens just leads to misinformation and increases the chance the teen will try the drugs in the future. Parents should inform their teens as much as possible about prescription drugs.

  • Yes, misinformation leads to bad choices.

    Drug information is miscommunicated in the media and the press. Teenagers watch tv and spend hours online or talking to their friends. Every other source tells them there is a pill to fix everything and anything. There is a lot more that someone with the reasoning skills of the under developed brain of a 14 year old will not pick up on. Parents need to know what goes on with their teens and how to keep them off drugs.

  • If It Comes Up

    Teenagers can be curious about many topics and sometimes they have questions about prescription drugs. When these come up, parents should address these issues. Parents should also feel obligated to give teens information about prescriptions the teen takes. Teens should be aware of what they are taking, why, and how it will affect them.

  • They need to know.

    Yes, parents should discuss prescription drug-related issues with teens, because prescription drugs are among the most abused substances for teenagers. Teens need to be told this information so that they will not be as tempted to try drug abuse. They will also have the tools and the will power to resist.

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