Should parents do more to prevent their children from seeing media sex and violence?

  • Yes, but it depends on the age.

    There are multiple ways parents can prevent their young children from seeing things they should not be seeing at such a young age. However, it depends on the age of the child. If they are 18 or older they can do what they want and watch what they want too.

  • Violence Influences Kids

    I think that kids shouldn't see violence, whether that's a result of the parents or not. It puts ideas into their heads that violence can be the way to solve problems, ideas that in many cases they probably wouldn't come up with on their own. With less violence influencing our children, I believe society would be more peaceful.

  • Yes, kids need protected more when they are young.

    Children do need more protection from the realities of life that is portrayed in the media, especially because the media tends to exaggerate violence and ignore loving sexual acts in favor of the more random variety. Children do need the security of feeling that the world is a safe and understandable place, and that they are free to be children for awhile. I am fairly sure that children who are allowed to watch this stuff before they are able to understand it, and put it in its rightful place, would tend to be more confused and anxious about the world.

  • Let's Step Up the Parenting!

    Today more than ever there is a multitude of ways that children are exposed to sex and violence through the media. The internet provides a medium for kids to access inappropriate material. Parents need to take a more active role in monitoring this material. Do not let a child have a computer in their room and use a web filter.

  • No, censorship is a bad idea.

    Children are going to be exposed to sex and violence no matter what. That being said, if the parent attempts any sort of censorship on the part of the child, all that does is make the child less informed about the truth. In the case of sex, that ignorance could have some very serious consequences.

  • They should simply educate them better: We never shielded any of our children from media:

    Starting from the age of 4, we educated them on all aspects of life, sex, violence and how the media uses shock tactics for attention and that it is just some journalist's opinion, not reality.
    They have all grown into critical, caring citizens who have in some cases saved lives. They mostly ignore the media and have done so since they were children.
    Graphic sex and violence has never affected them, if it starts to, they simply turn it off or change channels.
    Mostly they turn it off and go and read a good book or study for their work.
    Because that's their reality.

  • No, not at all.

    If children do not see media sex and violence on television at their homes or on their electronics, they will see it at their friends house, on their TV or computer. See, children are going to be subject to all of this stuff eventually, so to make them ignorant of it is sort of foolish to me.

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