• Yes, but it depends on the situation.

    I think that in some situations, small children or infants should be drugged, but in others, no, they should not be drugged. On a nine hour overseas flight, if I have a screaming, seat kicking little demon behind me, yes, I believe said child should be drugged with some Benadryl. The odds of overdosing on Benadryl are minuscule, and it would cause much more comfort for passengers on the plane. If it's a short 1-2 hour flight, I think I can survive.
    Asking the child or parent to stop the behavior is not always the way to stop the little pest from being a bother to everyone on the plane. It often does not stop, although it is not always due to the fault of the parents. Parents cannot always control their children, but I appreciate them trying. However, when parents refuse to even attempt to curb their little angels, that is what truly grinds my gears. If your child is screaming in my ear for eight hours straight, don't be surprised if everyone around you is going against you in an argument,
    I believe that drugging children is an acceptable way to quiet children on long flights, although not below the age of two. Other people should not have to suffer from incompetent parents who cannot control their children. If you refuse to control your children, don't expect me to sit there and do nothing. If you want to be explaining to your little brat why Santa doesn't exist due to my actions, that's your own business.

  • Yes, it's more than a question of politeness.

    Babies have no business being in airplanes. Flying can be a terrifying experience for certain passengers, and sleep is sometimes the only reprieve passengers get. A crying baby waking up already frightened passengers can be a jarring and horrifying experience. There are mild sedative and soporific drugs made especially for babies, parents should be required to administer those to them before the plane takes off.

  • Drugging babies its bad for their health

    Babies can't handle the same drugs we can, and I know its not DRUGS as we know it but, medicinal medicines such as the ones we use to fall asleep can harm the baby. It should also be considered abuse putting your baby to sleep like that. Now I know it bothers others when the baby is crying but it is not healthy for the baby at all.

  • No, they shouldn't.

    No, I do not think that parents should drug babies on long flight. Parents should certainly do their best to calm their babies if they are crying, but drugging them seems very extreme. I think that many parents would be very much against this and wouldn't feel safe doing it.

  • No, Generally Not

    Know your baby. Some babies are remarkably calm on flights. But there's really no business taking a baby you know will just be crying and screaming unless you must, say you are in the process of moving to a new place for good you must take your baby with you. But otherwise unless you have a really calm baby hire a sitter.

  • No, parents should not drug babies on long flights.

    Using drugs to put babies to sleep on long flights can easily be considered abuse. Drugs only should be used when an illness is present. Taking drugs strictly for the side effects (such as sleep) is a terrible idea. Also, if the baby has a bad reaction to the drugs while in the air, it would be extremely hard to provide effective medical attention.

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