• It’s about teaching!

    Adults have to use control in public. Obviously kids don’t know how to do that. Kids need to be TAUGHT to use control. If they aren’t, It will be harder for them to survive in the real world. And part of learning control is being respectful towards others and understanding that the world does not revolve around them

  • Yes, parents should exert more control on their children.

    This question will obviously depend on the exact parents and children we are discussing. There are definitely parents that already exert too much control on their children's lives (so-called helicopter parents). On the whole though, parents do not exert enough control on their children, especially with regards to behavior online. When people are applying for jobs 10 years from now, they will find their nude selfies coming back to haunt them, because their parents did not impart on them that the internet is forever.

  • Parents should exert more control over their children.

    Parents should exert more control over their children. Parental supervision is very important for children especially in this day an age where children are using the Internet and could be talking to strangers. Parents should pay close attention to who their kids hang out with both online and off line. Parents should make sure their children aren't being influenced by negative people.

  • All Parents Are Different

    All parents go about raising their children in different ways, but I believe there is an epidemic of parents in America who basically ignore their children. It is these parents that need to exert more control over their children. They also need to spend more time with their children and put more effort into their parenting roles.

  • Yes, parents should exert more control on their children.

    I definitely think that parents should exert more control on their children. I think that there are way too many parents these days that do not pay enough attention to their kids. Exerting more control on their kids doesn't mean they have to be more restrictive. I think its just a matter of being proactive.

  • No, Parents should not exert more control over their children.

    I do not believe parents should exert a lot of control over their children because too much control would take away from the child's individuality.Granted parents should know everything about what their child is doing. My personal experience with my children is that i do not exert a lot of control and allow them to make their own choices in life. I am here for them to talk to and express what they would like to do in life or experiences they chose. I believe that it has made for a stronger less controlled bond with them. I do not agree with parents exerting more control however more of a guidance as opposed to control their every actions.

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