Should parents file charges against teens associated with bullying?

  • Yes, if crime occurs.

    Yes, parents should file charges against teens associated with bullying, if what the students have done amounts to a crime. Assault and battery is just as much of a crime if is happens at school as if it happens on the street. The same is true for harassment. If these things are crime, the students should be held accountable like everyone else.

  • Violent behavior must be dealt with as soon as possible

    In the case of aggressive and or violent teenagers who are bullying other teenagers, it is not likely that a sit down talk with a parent will remedy the situation. Obviously this depends upon the severity of the bullying, but if there is any physical damage done to property, or if anyone is harmed as a result of the bullying then, yes, the teen should have charges filed against him or her.

  • Yes and no

    Im with yes because I agree but it is not about crime here its about school bullying and how it is delt with........Its not a crime its something someone does to make someone else feel bad. If it were a crime a lot of kids would be in jail right now.

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