Should parents finance their child's college education?

  • Within reason. . .

    The cost of college is ridiculous. Not all parents can afford to pay tens or hundreds of thousands of dollars in four years, But when students take it on in loans, They end up starting out their adult lives with crippling amounts of debt. I think it's all about finding a reasonable compromise. My mom and I had an agreement that I would choose a less expensive public university that had offered me a good scholarship, And as long as I kept my GPA up to keep the scholarship and graduated in four years, She would pay the difference.

  • Yes, as much as possible

    When parents get old who is going to take care of them. Their children. It is a parents responsibility to make sure their child is as well off in life as possible. Paying for education is an investment in the child's and the parents' future. Give the kid the tools they need to be successful in life. Education is key. Enforce it, and pay for it.

  • They Should Finance It

    Parents should help their child as much as they can while they are in college. If that means giving them money, than so be it You cannot put a price on education and every parent should want their child to succeed. If your child has morals and values he or she will eventually repay the favor.

  • Don't extend childhood.

    Building self reliance is part of the "college experience" and we tend to take better care of things we work/pay for ourselves. Choices have consequences, from how you spend Friday night to choosing whether to save money by adding an extra roommate. When parents foot the bill, they are not doing their child, or future employers, any favors.

  • No, they will take it more seriously

    I think kids take higher education more seriously when they are footing the bill themselves. Granted, you may not want your child to have to worry about finances while attending college, but that is part of life. They are transitioning to become adults and stepping out and trying to figure things out is part of that.

  • Not completely

    There is no doubt that parents should help their children when it comes to attending college and furthering their education. However, they should not be expected to pay for everything. College is a transitional period for the child and requiring them to shoulder some of the responsibility is an important part of the experience.

  • No.

    Not entirely. I believe that every parent does have some obligation to help their child out to an extent, but paying for the entirety of their children's post secondary education is not one of them. The government and the child him/herself are up to bat for that, as they are the ones that will be helped out in the long run by the education.

  • No

    No I do not think parents should finance their child's college education because there are some parents that simply cannot afford to finance it. There are many options for college students if their parents cannot pay and these are not all loans. It is nice if you do have parents that can help, but again, it is not always possible.

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