Should parents force their children to believe in Santa Claus or other fictional characters?

Asked by: Aaige05
  • Keep Christmas fun!

    Santa is one of the reasons kids like Christmas if you want them to enjoy their gifts they mostly will if its from Santa Claus. Also you can tell your kids" Santa's watching be good!" They will tend to grow up to be good kids. Instead of forcing them to believe you can say if you dont believe you dont recieve

  • It's Fine, Really

    Some of these replies were hilarious. It's "Very Immoral?" A "Violation of Human Rights?" First of all, a parent simply tells his or her children that Santa Claus, the Easter Bunny, and the Tooth Fairy exist. He or she very very rarely (if ever) actually forces them to believe in these things. Besides, it doesn't hurt them at all to believe in Santa Claus or the Easter Bunny. According to Wikipedia, it doesn't harm children to have believed in Santa Claus or the Easter Bunny or the Tooth Fairy.

    Now, if this is really about religion, it could also be argued that forcing children to be atheists or agnostics would be immoral because if God did exist, they'd be missing out. But either way, a parent has a right to instruct his or her children in a certain religion or irreligion, and in free countries the children always have the right to leave that religion or irreligion when he or she becomes an adult.

  • It is very immoral

    It is wrong to force anyone to believe in anything if they don't want to, which is a very basic idea that many people in other parts of the world came here so they wouldn't be forced to believe in something. If we have religious freedom in this country, why would we force our children to believe in untrue things? Forcing a belief on another person is a violation of natural rights.

  • Violation of Human Rights

    The child is allowed to believe in whoever he/she wants to believe in. Parents don't have any right to force their beliefs onto another person, whether it be their child or their friends or whatever. Just because you are allowed to believe in whatever you want to and practice what you believe in does not mean that you can violate the rights of another person in the process of practicing your beliefs.

  • This is when it gets immoral

    It gets immoral depending on how the lie is told. But when you force them to believe the false or you will be punished with no present is immoral. This is not fair because the right thing is to not believe in it, so it is injustice. No just being would ever judge a person by his existence beliefs rather than his actions.

  • Why force belief unto innocents?

    Forcing parents to make their children believe in anything is completely immoral. Parents have rights to believe in what they believe in and so should their children. Having the children believe in anything should completely be at the parents digression. If the parents want their children to believe in Santa, they believe in Santa, if not... Well they don't. My reasons are very clear and simple. Most likely they are also correct.

  • Christmas isn't about that

    When i was younger it was hard for me to believe in Santa Claus. Now at age 14, i believe parents and schools should show them the true meaning of Christmas. Christmas is all about the birth of Jesus and feeling of giving, now a days I see children spoiled and crying about presents they didn't get. Sitting back and their reaction makes me regret this santa stuff. I do agree about the character and how fun it is for children, it gets them in the spirit, but they need to learn that their parents work really hard to get them those presents.

  • Santa Claus fades away when kids grow up.

    Santa Claus is forever character that people will always remember but we should not force our kids to belive in them. Fantsie story only stays in kids minds till they are younger, as they start maturing it fade away. After they grow up they will automatically know that characters like santa claus are fictional.

  • Force? No of course not.

    This is kind of ridiculous to suggest that parents in some way force their children to believe in Santa. It is human nature to want to believe. If this is trying to get at the idea of parents forcing their children to believe in god and jesus then no .

  • No parent has ever forced this on a child

    And not could they. Parents can tell children about it, but it is up to the child whether they beleive it or not. Most kids don't even need to be told about these things by their parents, they see enough information out there and they just latch onto the beliefs anyway.

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Seek says2013-12-16T19:26:13.803

We don't do "Santa" in my home, but I still think "force" is an inappropriate word to use in this question. I don't think anyone is saying "BELIEVE IN SANTA OR ELSE!!" as much as, say, "BELIEVE IN JESUS OR ELSE!!"

...Unless that's what you're going for here?
donald.keller says2013-12-16T19:41:31.437
Here's the problem I have with this opinion... The word "force"... It's a loaded question.