Should parents force their children to go to church?

Asked by: Bayleigh
  • Children are forced to school

    Children are not independent. The are dependents. They depend on their parents for food, clothes, shelter, and philosophies on life.

    When children don't feel like going to school, they are required to nonetheless. So it is with teaching a child religion which is equally important to the child's development. Going to church or a place of worship can often have a positive and significant effect on a child.

    It is therefore not a question of what the child wants but rather what the child needs. Children need to follow their parents to their place of worship and learn the most important truths of life.

  • Get old enough and make your own decisions.

    The purpose of the church is to give hope and strenght to the people who face dificulties in their lifes or simply just to feel protected.The children at a young age are not capable enough to face these dificulties on their on or sometimes they have not the will to do so because they feel weak.The parents and school can only teach the ways to avoid or to face some of these problems but the question is who is going to give them confidence and courage to do that? When these children grow up and get mature enough, it will be on their choice to decide either or not to believe in church.

  • Their House. Their Rules.


    I was never forced to go to church. I never read the texts at church. I didn't pay attention; I entertained myself by playing with other kids. It was fun. But here's the big problem.

    All of the children whining about having to go to church ===>
    It was such torture, wasn't it? First world problems, eh?

    Church doesn't hurt you. It's a building. If you think of it as a prison, it's a prison, If you think of it as a place to make friends, and text on your little I-phones, then that's what it is.

    It's pathetic how much you people demonize it. "Indoctrination." Lmao. You wouldn't know indoctrination if it slapped you in the back of the head.

    If your parents want to go to church with you, SHUT UP AND DO IT.

    If your parents are supporting you, paying them back by sitting through something you care nothing about DOES NOT HURT YOU, you entitled child.

    It is their house you live in. It is their rules. Church is a reasonable place to go to.

    And if you're not a kid complaining about going to church, what right do you have to tell another family how to raise their child? You aren't the State, and by all means, stay out of personal lives. You can dictate that to yourself.

    Now for you who are trolls: "Their house their rules," is bait. I've seen you make the comparison before, and I'll just stress it now:

    If you're going to go as far as comparing the act of going to church to physical rape, sodomy, or any other act of physical aggression as your only response to "their house their rules," then I'm surprised your sick little mind isn't being doused with heavy medication, because if you're so hateful of the Christian religion that you have to liken going to a religious building to Nazism and Rape, then you've got more problems than "God" can ever help you with, finding him or not after your first 3 failed marriages. Sorry.

  • Just trying to lead them down the right path.

    Parents just want the right thing for their children. They want the best; but there is a point where they need to let them go. Instead of them saying oh, if you are gay will go to hell (my parents) they should tell them what they think then let them choose weather or not they think the same thing. Teens Feel unsupported when parents think their opinion doesn't matter.

  • Should parents force their children to go to church?

    Children are like sponges, they soak up what they are exposed to. If you don't teach your children what is right, there are plenty of people out there that is willing and ready to teach them what is wrong for them! We only have one chance to make any kind of an imprint on out children! God forgive us if we don't do our best<><

  • Church Helped Me

    As a child, I went not only to church but also to a private christian school. Everything I learned was from a Christian perspective, including science. I became an atheist at 16 despite the fact that I was surrounded by Christian influences. I don't feel that religion was "crammed down my throat", my parents were just trying to do what they thought was best for me. I enjoyed going to church even after I rejected Christianity. I found it an interesting thought experiment to try to understand the pastor's line of reasoning and compare it with my own. My main point is that making a child go to church isn't bad for them. It will teach values of helping others and the importance of doing things even when you don't want to. It isn't brainwashing either. As children get older, they will develop critical thinking and question at least some parts of their given religion. I was only able to question Christianity and find flaws in it because of my extensive knowledge of the Bible; knowledge that I learned in church.

  • Yes, kids should be forced!

    Since kids do not know what's good or bad for them, they definitely should be forced to go to church if they refuse to do so. They can't decide everything on their own, otherweise they would only eat candy stuff all day, for example. We educate our three boys (9 / 13 / 15) very strict. They wear suits with tie to sunday church service.

  • They Will Learn Life Lessons

    I have studied philosophy and ethics, then psychology in uni, I was raised Catholic and still hold onto some of the values. I am technically a Satanist because I believe in knowledge over faith, but the values remain. Kids should be sent to a church or whichever religious building is for you, not to blindly follow a belief, but a church, let's say, is a fine place to hear about great people (whether they existed or not, is another discussion) and to learn life lessons and morals.
    It gives you structure and peace throughout your week.
    Although we teach our kids to be free, they also need to learn that some times you have to do something you might not want to.
    And I can almost guarantee if you ask a person that was made to go to church as a child they most likely will not regret it.
    But to say this will effect them when they are older you are completely right, possibly in a negative way like, they leave home older than usual, but this would be down to a combination of factors and there's no direct correlation between church as a child and failure to launch. But the positive side would be growing up with strong moral values. This could be taught by parents, but a bible is years of well thought out stories with the most important of values to learn from. And ofcourse the Ten Commandments which are solid rules to live by, not counting 'do not worship false idols', because once the kids are old enough the will make their own dessisions regarding religion, but giving them a gentle nudge in the right direction and bringing them into such a large community will teach them so much more then simply saying do this and don't do that and will make them a more rounded person, learning and hopfully believing in something greater.
    I can't tell you how many times I've felt lost but never felt alone, believing in something greater brings comfort, and to deny a child of that because you have already made your choice, that's the kind of person that tells a child the tooth fairy isn't real.

  • Go to Church! You will benefit from it!

    I think that kids should go to church because children should obey their parents as the Bible says in Ephesians 6:1. Also, what if you have an argument at school or college? Or how will you know how to stand up for your faith at school? Want to know where to find these answers? At church or in the Bible that you can find in a church pew. Also, at church, there are some great role models there for kids such as your Sunday school teacher, or your pastor.

  • You want them to end up badly in life?!

    Its like controlling a childs life. Youre trying to let them be free and then you make believe and follow your orders. Just think about what will happen when theyre older , they will move out and most probably find a person who will control them and will end up avoiding you. When you ask for help as grandparents they wont care because now they are free and now they are the ones who have power over you. I doubt anyone would want that. I realised any child from a controlling family ends up badly in life. They get into an abusive relationship, follow a random persons orders because they dont have their own opinion and are usually left out by the society. I study psychology at university so i know how power over your child can end. I wish you luck in making the right choice.

  • No, parents should seriously not force their children to go to church.

    Before I begin, I would like to point out that this question already exists on this website. How is it anything but brainwashing them to force them into an institution on a weekly basis where they hear things without having anyone to criticize or analyze what they're being told. Religious matters in general (this includes atheism) should be kept away from children until their mature enough to think critically and make their own decisions. If you can't see what's wrong with forcing youth to be taught religion then why don't you send your kids over to me so I can ship them to a mosque.

  • If you are a terrible parent you would

    You mad? Your children may not believe in the same things you do, you might say ' once they get old they can decide ' but if you have been staying tuned for the last 10 years your child has only seen what is is like in Church. How are kids able to decide when all they have been taught is to obey God, it's like saying right you have a choice, you can be a Christian or a Christian.

  • No they shouldn't

    Children are too impressionable. If they are taught (or forced without them knowing) to believe a certain thing for the majority of their life, they will never find out what they truly believe. Most will never explore new ideas or build their minds by asking skeptical questions. A mind with an unbiased and diverse mentality is good for it, not a forced closed-minded (without recognition) one.

  • It is a disservice to your children

    Forcing your children to do anything is wrong. As a parent your guide is to GUIDE your children, not shove them through a path when they have no say in anything. My parents believed that forcing me to church would eventually make me believe, but it did the complete opposite and I resent them for it. Nowadays I refuse to even step into a church because of what they did. I will give my children to pick whether or not they want to go and give them transportation if they desire to believe in whatever faith they want.

  • Children are impressionable.

    I was forced as a child to go to church. And by forced I mean physically and bribed. I know that isn't how most parents force their children and it ultimately killed religion for me. I was sometimes paid to go to church or pulled by the arm inside the place. I truly believe that if I was given a choice and taught about religion as a child (even though I would not have gone as a child) instead of bullied into religion, I may have been a god worshiping individual as an adult. I have kind of a built in hatred of religions now, and I am pretty sure its from my childhood. I think everyone can agree that school is mandatory for a child, going to the doctor/dentist is mandatory for a child, but forcing church is forcing an opinion on someone. If I truly believe that I am the reincarnation of Elvis Presly, and my child will then become Elvis Presly upon my death, should I force that opinion upon him? If I as a parent want to convey that to my child it is my right to do so yes, but I believe that anyone reading this with any common sense would see that as wrong on many levels. Remember Christians, 66% of the world thinks that Christians are completely wrong. Let a child make their own decision as adults, they will thank you for it.

  • It is their choice.

    I was raised into a Christian family
    It was horrible because for one statement I did not like the Christian religion in any way. It's not good to force opinions down a child's throat exactly the same reason why racism is still alive. They should not be forced but given a CHOICE to choose if they want to be apart of any religion. We have it in the constitution.

  • Religion should be based on own choice

    Parents forcing children to go to church won't do them any good. For children to develop a strong sense of belonging or love for their religion, they need to support and believe in it truly. Forcing children to go to church may even cause them to develop a hate for the religion, which is obviously not desired.

  • Twenty first century

    We live in the 21st century, religion is a choice, unless you dont live in a democratic country. The values parents must teach to their children is not religion, it is democracy. And forcing a kid to go to a religious place and prey is definitly the least thing they need in order to learn democracy.

  • Example: I believe its good to drink a jug of orange juice, so im going to force you to. (not really!)

    Just because you believe something doesn't mean everyone else should. My parents forced me to go to church and i hated it. Because i don't have to go to church to love god. I personally hate to be forced into things. Too many sermons are focused on debatable doctrine. Why do we have so many denominations and conflicting beliefs? Because there are very well-educated, God-loving Christians on all sides of any given issue. So then, why do we focus our church time on proving our own convictions to be accurate, and all others wrong? Because of our selfish desire to have God on our side, rather than a desire to change our views so that we are on God's side. Why do we waste so much time in church NOT worshiping God? I'd rather stay at home and listen to Alexander Scourby's reading of the KJV. I feel closer to God doing that and praying, then I ever have at church.I'm not satisfied with someone telling me "that's what it says in the Bible," or, "that's what God wants," or, "God told me so-and-so..." Where does it say in the Bible that God wants us to go to church every Sunday, and that it's ok to judge and shout down those who don't?

  • Religion should be a choice.

    I believe that parents should not keep their kids from being apart of a religion, just as they shouldn't force them to take part in a religion. If the goal of forcing the children to go to church is to make these children into "God" fearing people, this is not the way to do it. Just in the way that children are wired, forcing them to do anything will lead them to be more skeptical than accepting, and it will also lead to harboured resentment towards the parents.

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