Should parents give their kids a curfew to be on their phone?

Asked by: woah.ray
  • Kids definitely need to have phone limits.

    My parents only let me be on my phone when I ask, and certainly not at night. This benefits me. Kids who do not have a curfew for their phone are not interactive with others because they are so busy on their phones (believe me, I have seen people who would rather text than talk face to face). My friend and I say, "Use your lungs, not your thumbs!" Kids just spend too much time on their phones nowadays, and without a curfew, they could lose many hours of sleep on their phone.

  • What about socialising?

    Some of my friends don't end up texting me back till after my curfew for my phone. Its such a resist to not text back. Some of my favorite social media stars, like Nash Grier and Cameron Dallas, do following sprees after that curfew. And it sucks. Like i can't socialise with my friends through texting. And if i get caugh past the curfew time, i get my electronics taken away, and they go through it, like give me some trust here

  • Too many loopholes

    People can still play their phones under blankets. Besides what if you were the only one with a phone to call the fire department when your house was burning and you were home alone? That's dumb asking your parents to use something that is yours. Curfews should be to be at home by a certain time, not restrict phone usage.

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