Should parents go to jail for permitting their teen to break the city curfew?

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  • They do not know where they went

    Some parents don’t even know where their child went. I looked up how many kids run away a year there is about 2.8 billion kids that run away. That means those parents don’t know where they are at or what their doing. This why parents go to jail for permitting their teen to break the city curfew?

  • Not always permitted

    It is not always the parents' fault for their child breaking the law. Some teenagers don't listen to their parents and go against their wishes. I even knew some of these teenagers. Parents do try their best to teach their children right from wrong, but that does not always sink in for some.

  • Parents should set curfews, not cities

    Parents know their kids best. They should decide how long they can stay out and under which conditions, not cities.

    In some high crime neighborhoods maybe there should be curfews. Those are special circumstances. But even then parents shouldn't go to jail for it. Maybe receive a fine. But in general parents should get to set curfews, not cities.

  • No, but perhaps a fine.

    Our jails are crowded and we do not need them to be filled with parents who perhaps did not mean to do something wrong. But if a parent willingly allows his or her teen to break the curfew the city has set should be subject to some punishment such as a fine.

  • Parents Not Responsible for Curfew Monitoring

    Parents absolutely shouldn't go to jail for letting their teens break the city curfew. In reality, such an idea is asinine and wouldn't even be enforceable. While parents should keep track of their children, they can't do so down to the minute. It's not a smart idea to penalize the parents.

  • Its too varied

    Punishing parents for the actions of their children is dependent on far too many factors - parents could be negligent, certainly, but there are often other problems (social, behavioral) that are not the fault of the parents. Fear of jail may also lead parents, alredy negligent, to abuse children in retaliation.

  • Parents shouldbe penalized, not jailed

    No, I do not believe that parents go to jail for permitting their teen to break the city curfew, but I do think they should be penalized in some way. One way to get a point about the importance of controlling your children is to make parents pay. I have yet to see a parent that enjoys forking out money for actions that they did not execute themselves.

  • Parents should not go to jail for permitting their teen to break the city curfew.

    Parents should not go to jail for permitting their teen to break the city curfew. Putting parents in jail would be too extreme for this. If we want to enforce this law then parents should be held accountable for the actions of their children. This could be fines or court costs but I do not believe throwing a parent in jail would benefit anyone.

  • Parents Can Only Do So Much

    I am a big proponent of parents being involved in their children's lives, however I do not agree with the notion that parents should go to jail for permitting their teen to break city curfew laws. While a parent can set rules in their home for their teens, it is impossible to force them to adhere to all the rules all the time.

    I also believe that if a teen doesn't listen to the rules of being home by a certain time, putting hteir parent in jail will have little affect on them. I instead think it would be a good idea to have a teen spend the night in jail after staying out after curfew.

  • No curfew, no punishment

    Parents should not be incarcerated for things their teenage children, who are well above the age of reason, do, and especially not something as minuscule as breaking a curfew. In fact, curfews should not even exist, as they do not serve any useful purpose in a free and open society.

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