Should parents go to jail for repeatedly missing parent teacher conferences?

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  • They should not go to jail

    Also, no parent should go to jail if their child misses school. This is Orwellian type control and maybe some of the schools should get in trouble for health violations! In some schools I've seen cockroaches crawling in lockers and lying dead in the bathrooms! But hey they'll get the pass because they are the "State" and the laws don't apply to them!

  • No it is not fair to children

    The poor children will stay without parents and that will be super hard for people
    Including the children and that is just sad to think about . They should not be doing that and that is not good that is my opinion I don't know what other people might say

  • Teachers Should Be Flexible

    I believe parent teacher conferences need to be made in concert with the parent so that the appropriate time can be scheduled. When this is done in a professional matter, there shouldn't be a reason for the conference to be missed. However, having a child in school, I know that there are teachers out there who fail to communicate properly and therefore, I do not think that the parent is at fault, by default. Parents who refuse to participate are displaying the wrong tendencies to toward the child's interest. Rather or not it is a problem will probably surface in more than one way, outside of parents missing parent teacher conferences.

  • Very extreme punishment

    The punishment should fit the crime. In the case of children's futures, parents should make an effort to keep up and understand how their child is doing. However, there are many extenuating circumstances that could, repeatedly, keep parents from making it to a parent teacher conference. Jail should be reserved for much more serious infractions.

  • Fined, But Not Jailed

    Parents should be ticketed or fined, but not jailed. Sometimes, parents work so much they simply cannot schedule a parent-teacher conference. However, what's the point of having kids if you're not willing to go the extra mile for them? Surely parents can squeeze in 15 minutes of their day once per quarter for a parent-teacher conference, right?

  • Against their wishes

    The law should not have to enforce good parenting. Parents have the right to skip parent teacher conferences for any number of reasons, including work obligations, social obligations, even religious beliefs. As long as they are doing a solid job of parenting, there is absolutely no harm coming from missing these meetings.

  • No Stupid Penalties for Parents

    It's stupid to even suggest that parents should go to jail for missing parent-teacher conferences. These conferences are important, but it's hardly a criminal offense to avoid a conference. Parents shouldn't be penalized in any way for missing one of these meetings, but good parents should attend said meetings as often as possible.

  • It's a shame; but not a crime

    While I do feel that parents should be obligated to at least attend of a parent/teacher conference at least once per school year, I really can't see it becoming a criminal offense not to attend. Things happen in life, we all have busy schedules, and sometimes things can't always workout they way we want them to.

  • No, parents should not be criminally prosecuted for missing parent teacher conferences.

    Parents should be encouraged to take an interest in their children's progress at school, and ideally should attend parent teacher conferences. However, parents are busy and may not be able to do so. If they repeatedly miss them, teachers should figure out a different way to relay a child's progress, and any concerns, to his or her parents. Parents should not be held criminally responsible if they're unable to attend these meetings.

  • No, parents should not go to jail for missing parent teacher conferences.

    No, parents should not ever go to jail for repeatedly missing parent teacher conferences. Parent teacher conferences are something that is not mandatory and should not be. Jail should be a place reserved for dangerous criminals that need to be kept off the street, not parents who miss pointless conferences.

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