Should parents have access to their child's Facebook/Myspace page?

  • YES we should.

    This is not a personal diary. It's public, for all to see. They could be posting self-sabatoging posts, posts that prevent them getting jobs in the future, hateful posts when you won't allow them to have a boyfriend, and the list goes on. Basically there are many reasons why Certain children are responsible facebook users and some kids are not responsible posters.

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  • Yes they should

    Of course they should. It would save a lot of people from hurting themselves because of mental abuse from other people. Some children have rendered their lives useless because they are always put down by cyber bullies. These people can really hurt kids and that is why i think that parents should be able to see their kid's Facebook page.


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  • No they should not.

    After a certain age it becomes an invasion of privacy for parents to try to gain access to a child facebook/myspace page. They should hope that they have taught their child well enough to know what is right or wrong and only if the child is exhibiting weird or unusual behavior about it should they become considered. All people deserve some privacy even children.

  • No, they should not.

    It is not going to solve anything to get access to a kids facebook or myspace page. The parent usually knows going in they will not like what they see, why else would they be logging into it? Teens need a place to vent, and yes sometimes it will be about their parents, but that's being a teen. They shouldn't get in trouble for needing a way to express themselves.

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