Should parents have the right to euthanize their kids if they have disabilities that complicate their lives?

  • They're not even human.

    They don't represent anything that we value to be identified as a human. They lack the intellectual complexity and depth that mankind represents; they will never be an asset, nor have any valuable thoughts or emotions beyond that which is instinctual, nor fathom the world we live in and make it their own. Their very existence is a spit in the face of the marvelous achievement and identity of the human race, to advance, innovate, and appreciate and revel at the beauty of the universe. Just because they wear the face of a human doesn't mean they are therefore equal in value; we seemingly have no trouble killing animals whereas there's a stigma against the killing of human life, this is especially true if the human being experience life living as one.

    What do you call a being that lives with you for 10 - 30 years, has a myriad of medical issues, requires constant attention and monitoring, and doesn't advance past the age of 3 intellectually?

    It's called a pet.

  • As a person with learning disabilities i say yes.

    Isolation, loneliness, being unable to find a job or support yourself in any way, being laughed at wherever you go; these are the problems that come with being mentally challenged. Euthanasia is the most humane way to deal with these problems. Nobody should have to grow up into that lifestyle.

  • After working in the care sector during my studies I support this concept.

    During my studies I was employed for many years as a care or support worker for adults with learning difficulties in Western Europe. These could range from very mild forms of autism to severe learning difficulties. These severe learning difficulties could include a total inability to communicate or comprehend communications, a total inability to care for themselves, lack of mobility, violent tendencies (due to a lack of comprehension of the world around them) and much more.
    These individuals often became too much for their families to deal with and were placed in supported living with full time care. The expense of doing this for an individual is staggering (>100,000 Euro per year, per individual). While there are people who are fully compos mentis left to live homeless on the streets or to abandon those at the lowest end of society we funnel billions of Euros into caring for those who can never contribute to society. I find that system deeply flawed. For the good of society I do believe that we should take a firmly pragmatic approach to this issue, and realise that it not only does not help society in maintaining these individuals form cradle to grave but it actually damages it through not helping those who need those resources.

  • Parents know best.

    If a child's live will be difficult or potentially painful due to a disability the parents should have the right to choose. If the parents cannot make the child's life better or they do not want their child to be on multiple types of medicine and in and out of the hospital or having multiple surgeries. It should be the parents chose AS LONG as the doctor also agrees or even tells the parents about the option. Also only if it is life and death.

  • If they are a vegetable.

    Why should a child have to live through life just sitting on a bed? I mean if they are disabled, but can still live, then no they shouldn't have that right, but if the child is forever destined to stay in a bed, unable to eat, drink, speak, or go to the bathroom by itself, then yeah the parents should have every right to euthanize their child.

  • A fundamental and natural right, if not duty of parents.

    Our ancestors would not have hesitated to euthanize a severely disabled baby at birth. Such a right to choose should exist for parents. The parents may feel that this would be best for the baby and the parents. Other people can choose not to, but the choice should not be restricted by law.

  • Everybodyon the left reacted like a parent with no problem.

    Imagine this, parents having a baby, being all joy and happy about it when they find out. But then the doctor shows them a severe problem on the child. And then the child can never be human again having limitations and pain, a life in chemicals and social isolation. Those kids eventually end up to the point where they start to hate their parrents for giving birth to them, but never tell them because for the past 20 years they have been taking care of him day and night barely affording to work and take care of themselves. If you want a clear case give it a search on Google. Search Jonny Kennedy and see what I'm talking about. He and his mother both wished she had an avortion.

  • Yes, should be up to parents though.

    I have a family member who is in her 50s, but is mentally around 10. She can't live alone, is very volatile, and needs to be told every day to do basic hygiene like brushing teeth and showering. She is on psychiatric meds to keep her calm. Without them she screams, has tantrums and gets physically violent. Even with the meds, she'll shout and just stare at people. Her parents are dead and didn't make plans for her, so if we hadn't stepped in, she'd be homeless or a ward of the state. Eventually she'll need to be in a facility, and the ones where she'd be safe and get decent care are very expensive. She's had physical health problems too that most people don't get at her age-- her body and mind are both retarded. The only thing that makes her happy is eating, and she's nearly choked to death many times because she gobbles her food. Her constant eating and no activity has made her obese and brought on more health problems. What kind of life is this? She's just been shuffled from one place to another and has never known real love or happiness. Her whole life has been just depending on others, using up resources and money her family didn't have. I wouldn't wish it on anyone.

  • Unnecessary cruelty and suffering

    No one young or old should ever be made to suffer. I can't imagine any parent keeping a child alive knowing that they have an illness that will forever make his/her life an endless journey of pain, misery, isolation, helplessness, basically summing up their entire life as just barely existence.
    To want to watch their child live under circumstances of suffering can only be summed up as selfish. Keeping a child alive because they can't part with them is understandable but not very paternal. Parents want the best for their children, or should want the best. Suffering in pain or being a total vegetable for their entire life is far from their best interest. Sometimes the most loving, caring act of parenting is to let them go.
    I believe the reason most parents don't fight for this right has to do with religion and perceived judgement from society.

  • They aren't even alive

    To me a human is a person with the ability to think all that that entails. A mentally retarded person cannot think and are therefore not living full lives. If you had the choice to die or to live the rest of your life mentally handicapped what would you chose? Not to mention the expenses of caring for the mentally deficient.

  • What makes a life worthwhile?

    Ask someone who has been disabled for a long time if their life is worthwhile-- they are as likely as anyone else to say yes. Most of the reasons given for 'yes' are social reasons-- people make fun of them, they are isolated, it's hard for them to get jobs, they can't feel gratitude for me, "they can do nothing useful". That prejudice is the biggest problem disabled people face, and making it legal to kill them because they aren't what you wanted, or you don't have the imagination to realise a life different than your own can be worthwhile isn't going to help anyone break down that prejudice. Babies are being killed because they are female. How many people would kill babies if they knew they'd be gay or fat or Deaf-- but unless those people have jerk parents who tell them what disappointments they are, they have happy lives. Diversity is a good thing. Talk to actual disabled people and ask them if their lives are worth living before deciding abled-bodied people know what a worthwhile life is.

  • Heck no! Parents have absolutely no right!

    Euthanizing is for animals, not your own flesh and blood! Picture a small baby, helpless and innocent, still shy of everything going on in the world. That child, disabled or not, has only one place where they can truly feel at ease, their mothers and fathers arms. It is an unimaginable nightmare for that baby to be "put down" at the hands of his only safety, all because of his own shortcomings. Even though this child cannot speak yet, he is not non-sentient! He feels abandonment just as you and me do, and that my friend, is the pinnacle of hate.

  • This is seriously a debatable topic?!

    "Should Caucasians have the right to enslave and own people of African ancestry?" See how fast THAT gets taken down! This is yet another example of how people with disabilities are even lower on the totem pole than racial and ethnic minorities. I am truly sick and tired of it!

  • Euthanizing people is murder.

    There are alternatives to killing people with disabilities. We need to be more accepting of people who have disabilities and help them make their lives easier. Learn from the disabled community what accommodations we can make for them. Doing this will improve their quality of life.

    Unfortunately, there are people who have killed their disabled loved ones, defending themselves by saying that it's mercy killing. Those killers have been viewed as the victims, even though the real victims are the ones being killed just for being different than the majority.

    The only way that people with disabilities' lives will be better is if the rest of the world changes to be more helpful and accepting of them. Meeting them half-way is a much better solution than eliminating them or trying to make them "normal".

  • Lives of disabled people have value! They are teachers! Katie Beckett, inspired a national health care law, lived 3x longer than doctor's predicted.

    You cannot predict the contributions that someone will make, nor how long they will live, nor their quality of life when they are a child. Imagine if Steven Hawkings parents had euthanized him when he was a profoundly disabled child! This is a horrible debate! I am astounded at the number of folks who think this is acceptable!

  • Life is complicated

    You being alive comes with complications and struggles. It's not going to be puppies and rainbows all the time. You don't have the right to murder your children because they are inconvenient. Being a parent means caring for your children through good times and bad. It's going to be hard work sometimes.

  • Only Nazi's Would Support This

    I'm just so sickened to share the planet with people who would support such a terrible thing, only Nazi's would support something like this. They sum up perfectly what it means to be a bad human, just awful people. Hopefully karma will teach them a life lesson. They need one.

  • Equality for all!

    What gives anyone the right right to determine whether another member of society is more valuable than another? No one knows what these people will become! In everyone's family there is a member that wouldn't have survived if ideologies like this were generally accepted decades ago! Everyone deserves a chance to become the best they can be!

  • Choosing to kill another person is not a 'right'!

    A) Nobody has the right to kill an innocent person. Period.
    B) If you can't (or won't) look after your child for any reason, one word: ADOPT.
    C) If someone is miserable or likely to become miserable, the solution is to fix the misery, not kill them.
    D) Throughout history, people have killed off, enslaved or otherwise abused other, 'undesirable' people. 'Oh', people say, 'It would never come to that.' No, we would never selectively murder unborn babies because they had disabilities, would we? Nek Minit, 98% babies with Downs Syndrome dead. No, we would never kill perfectly healthy babies because their mothers were emotionally traumatised, would we? Nek Minit, babies aborted at 30 weeks for psycho-social reasons. No, we would never starve elderly people to death because the doctor decided they were already 'on the way out', would we? Nek Minit, muffled news articles on dying old folk. No, we would never kill already-born children because they had disabilities, would we? Nek Minit ...

  • Not your decision to make

    Once that kid is no longer using your organs to survive, that kid is their own person, and ending their life is, in fact, murder that is not self-defence.
    Seriously, the fact that a kid is disabled doesn't change the fact that killing your kid is murder. The idea that it does gets parents who murder their disabled kids way shorter sentences, because folks think disabled lives unworthy of living, despite disabled people themselves saying our lives ARE worth living.

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