Should parents have to earn respect from children, Just like children have to earn respect from them?

  • Children don't choose

    Children don't choose to be born. That's the parents choice. When they have a child, Why does the child owe anything to them? It's not like it chose to come into this world. Parents should raise the child with love and respect before they expect the child to give them any respect.

    Posted by: oda
  • Respect is earned not given

    When a child is talking to their parents, Or any adult for that matter, They were taught to respect them because they are older. I do not think that should be the case because while the child has to prove time and time again that they should have the respect of an adult, Said adult demanded respect right from the beginning, Because of the fact that they are older. The adult hasn't done anything to prove to the child that they could be worthy of their respect, So why should they have it?

  • Respect is a privileg, Not a right.

    Having survived years of abuse from my father when I was younger, I have learned that not all people deserve respect. I was beaten and maligned by my father, And sexually assaulted. I disrespect anyone who says I have to respect him. Respect is a two way street. If you want to be respected, GIVE RESPECT.

  • Children are like sponges.

    You reap what you sow. Children do not understand the meaning of respect, But what they do see is the way that their parents treat their grandparents, That is what they learn. Respect is not a matter or earning, Is of having your child admire you, And appreciating you as a person, As their guardian. They look up to you with love rather than fear. The respect is merely the side effect of a healthy relationship. But, In order for that to happen it needs to be a two way street. Treating a childs' decision (at times) with respect, Shows that you acknowledge them as a person and respect them. Showing that when you make a decision they need to respect yours as well.

  • Of course, Parents need to earn respect from children!

    Parents need to earn respect from children. If the parent does not respect a child, Then the child will feel rebellious. The child will want to be free from the world of the parents. Then they may try to set off on their own, But will probably fail. The child may go broke and have to live with friends, Or just be plain homeless. If a parent respects a child, Then these problems can be avoided.

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  • They already have.

    Long before you knew the word "respect" much less understood it's meaning, Your parent(s) have been raising you. Making sure your healthy, Well fed, And kept safe. This mean long hours of sleepless nights because of your crying over everything. This meant feeding you expensive food even tho you just spit it up for them to clean. What you didn't spit up ended up in your diaper that, Guess who, Had to pay for and change regularly. Let's not forget the medical bills you rank up, Teaching you basically everything you know including how to walk. If you don't think all that deserves respect, You don't know what respect is.
    Yes, There are some parents who have done wrong to others and their kids. Some things can be forgiven and other not. Some parents earn the disrespect of others, And their kids. Still, Unless your parents have done something unforgivable, The deserve your respect. As a note: when I say something unforgivable, I don't mean things like refusing to buy you that new phone, Or grounding you before the homecoming dance.

  • They really shouldn't have to earn respect from their child.

    Anyone should have a degree of unconditional respect towards anyone, Regardless of what they've done. Children owe their parents plenty of things (except in the most circumstantial cases, But then again this is thankfully the minority)- and even if they don't owe them many things, At least treat them like any other person, Which is with at least a degree of respect. I find it personally ridiculous that parents should have to 'earn' respect for their children considering their position above them. It's not the relationship between two strangers (which, Again, Should still demand a certain degree of respect), It is a familial bond and as such requires some respect.

  • The pain is real

    The National Resource Center on ADHD states that stimulant medications reduce attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD) symptoms for 70 percent to 80 percent of children. However, Some children may only show a mild response, While others experience a dramatic reduction in troublesome symptoms. Some of the changes that are most likely to occur when stimulant medications are taken include:

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