Should parents have to meet certian standards before having a child?

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  • Its better for society

    Why should poor, uneducated and irresponsible people be allowed to have kids? Most likely, the kids will end up the same way, and the rest of society will be supporting them for a good portion of their lives. It would be better for society if we only allowed people who are prepared to raise a child properly (both financially and mentally) reproduce.

  • A License Would Be Best

    We license people so that they have to learn specific knowledge and abilities to a minimal level before they can participate in things which could potentially harm other people or society as a whole.

    Terrible parenting is at least indirectly responsible for a lot of harm to people and society, and it could be fixed with a license to be a parent.

    Don't pass the test by the deadline (near the child's birth)? The child is taken from you and given to someone on the adoption list, and it's that simple.

  • Certain people are not Parent material

    People who are impoverished or do not meet certain living standards or have mental health issues and cannot provide for a child have no business reproducing. Why should someone who cannot take care of themselves have the right to have a child?. That is not to say that reproduction should only be reserved for people of wealth or certain social standing but if a couple wants to have a child they should at least for the sake of their future son or daughter meet certain standards to insure their child will be educated and .Have a decent upbringing.

  • Responsibility, Being Ready, Having a Stable Income, Good Environment

    I believe you need to have at least the three of the qualifications I listed above. You need to be ready to have children. You need to be ready to take care of them because they are your responsibility. I believe having a stable income is VERY important is raising a child. They are human beings and take a lot of work and money to raise. They are the next generation, and they deserve a good environment to be raised in.

  • Yes they should

    If people want to bring a child into the world then they should meet standards. It would be unfair for a child to be born to unprepared parents, a family in poverty, or parents with social or mental issues. Then there are people who cant afford to have children. They would have to rely on government support or other types of welfare. Having standards will decrease the spending on welfare and help our government save money. Yes, some people say it isnt fair and interfers with rights. It wont be fair for the child living in a bad situation. The child wont have much control either. So either way it is unfair. This would reduce welfare spending and the amount of children in poverty.

  • Having children comes with lots of responsibility

    Parents should always meet certain standards before having children. Taking care of a child is hard work and requires lots of responsibility. Not only do you have to fufull the childs needs, but you also have to raise them the best way lo possible. Before having a child some standards that should be achieved is maturity, patience, being responsible, etc.

  • Children shouldn't suffer!

    Children are innocent beings. Too many are brought into this world simply because their parents are too ignorant to use birth control. Race, religion, and culture should not impact who should have children and who should not, but people who are not responsible enough to raise children shouldn't have them!

  • Yes yes yes

    I grew up with a Mum who couldn't feed me and my sisters, no clothes that fit us. People should be able to grow up with the right standards. Think of all the children sitting starving and the people who rely on food banks to feed their children to be honest that isn't right. Your kid you feed them. End of.

  • Parents should consider wisely before having a child.

    In order to allow the child to have a better living standards, a couple has to be financially stable. As the living standards of highly-established countries rises precipitously, the basic necessities of the child are more difficult to obtain. Therefore, couples will have to evaluate on their total expenditure of having a child before getting one.

    Parents should set good role models for a child. When a child arrives to this world, their minds are pure. Like a sponge, they can easily absorb whatever is taught to them. Parents are the first teachers of children. So, good habits are to be demonstrated by the parents, in turn, the child will pick up the ropes and gradually integrating them into their lives.

    Parents should make judicious considerations before having a child, for it is a lifetime commitment.

  • I fully agree with the statement above ; no t everybody is ready to become a parent.

    Besides the financial stability that is required to meet a child's needs, I strongly believe that parenthood involves a lifetime commitment that requires putting your own goals and desires on hold for a while. Therefore, I feel that a certain degree of emotional maturity, integrity and selflessness should be part of a set of 'standards' that parents should meet before considering having a child. Parenting can be extremely fulfilling and one of the most empowering experiences, but it should be the result of a conscious decision.

  • Nope they should'nt

    God gave us the right to multiply, and whose the government to say whos allowed to have kids and who is not. It is not their role to play God, and we the people should not let them make these decisions. I understand that there are bad parents out there but let God be in charge on what he does to the parents that fail to meet their responsibilities

  • Who decides the rules

    Who defines a good parent? Who will control the rules? A good parent cannot be defined by society or the government. Its up to an individual and sadly bad parents are inevitable. Even if we did licence people what would stop them from being bad parents after the license? People receive driver license but many are poor drivers

  • Absolutely not, no one is qualified to make this decision

    Aside from the fact this would be a little impossible to police, in my opinion this would be a violation of the basic rights of a people. Who would define the standards? With regard to financial stability this can be a moving target; a loss of employment or a medical emergency can change the financial status of a family in a heartbeat. To be honest I do not believe that the quality of person's parenting skills is defined by their wealth. There are far too many factors that influence the outcome of a child's life. Sometimes great strength and love are the outcome of shared trials. There will always be good parents and unfortunately there will always be bad parents. Occasionally bad parents find within themselves the strength to become good parents. We never know what the future holds and I would have trouble laying this decision in the hands of any person or group. You don't have to be wealthy or brilliant to be a wonderful parent; you just have to be loving and responsible. This is a quite different decision than removing children from abusive parents.

  • This is a violation of their natural right to have a family.

    What's the point if these two individuals are married if they would not have a baby for not meeting certain standards? People enter to a marriage to have a family. But to make it more difficult for them to have a baby is just a clear unnecessary intrusion of the private life of the couples. And what are the standards to have baby? Setting standards would just limit couples to enjoy their relationship. Also, having a baby becomes a privilege instead of a right. This means that only selected few can have baby and this is discrimination.

  • It is racist

    I am sorry guys to throw out the race card. But this is undeniably an undercover racist agenda. Its even been used before. Think about it, minorities are the poorest people in this country that supposedly aren't good enough to reproduce. I really think people need to think about this

  • Abuse to everyone

    Other than the obvious lack of a viable option if one who isn't cleared to procreate does what happens, is the baby killed, is it aborted before being born, is it given up for adoption? Also do both parties have to meet qualifications? Could just the mother be cleared and the father doesn't have too be. It just seems like this is not really viable, it makes sense on the surface but logically I don't see it ever being a serious discussion topic, definitely not a policy.

  • The standards are set by the parents.

    Anyone who becomes a parent or planning to has a right to pick and chose where they want to live, what religion, how they want to raise the children, in what school and how many children they want to have in a family.

    The standards need to be set by DHS for the ones who show up with the second child ect..., that cannot take care of the first child. They need to provide birth control to them, financial courses to help them with finances and ways to get educated so they can provide for the children themselves.

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