Should parents have to take full responsibility for their underage pregnant children?

Asked by: shewinning
  • Yes, they should.

    Children are their parents responsibility until they are 18. Parents should be there to help guide their children to make responsible choices and should be held responsible to assist the child in any case. Even though the child is pregnant, they have not finished growing and learning about the world yet and still need help and guidance.

  • Yes they are still responsibile

    If you underage child is pregnant that does not all of a sudden emancipate the child. The parent is still responsible for the care of their child. All because a child makes a mistake or a bad decision does not give a parent a right to disown their child if they are underage.

  • Parents should have to take responsibility for their underage pregnant children.

    No matter what the action of the child is if they are underage then their actions are the responsibility of the parent.If a girl becomes pregnant the care of the child becomes the responsibility of the parent until the girl comes of age because when she is underage she probably makes bad decisions.

  • Parents are Responsible

    Parents are responsible for underage pregnancy. Underage pregnancy means that the child is under the protection of the parent and the decision to allow the child to cohabitant is that of the grownups. Also it is the responsibility of the parent to education the underage child about causes of pregnancies.

  • I donot want to be responsible for a child that becomes pregnant,or gets some child,pregnant.

    I believe that if you couldn't be guided or made to do the correct things in the first place,how am I going to be able to raise you into a productive individual after you become pregnant or give birth. I refuse to be responsible to a disrespectful child,pregnant or not. If you want to be grown why should I have to pay?

  • No they shouldn't

    I think that parents are partially responsible for the things that their children do, but there has to be a line drawn somewhere. Sometimes parents do the best they can and the kids still won't listen. I think that children need to be held responsible for their own actions. To often they are let off the hook and the blame gets put on other people and other factors. If an underage kid gets pregnant then they are responsible.

  • Parents Shouldn't Take Responsibility for Underage Pregnant Kids

    No, parents shouldn't have to take full responsibility for their underage pregnant children. They should absolutely support their child, but they should also make their child more responsible for their actions and decisions. Otherwise, that child will bare their own child and fail to properly take care of him or her, which is a huge problem in itself.

  • Absolutely NOT !

    Children/Teens...................Whatever you want to call them can still have sex at school or when parents are at work. Their are more times to have sex then at a party or at a "sleepover". Teens are finding sex all over the place. Parents should be blamed for their teens mistake. That is totally unfair,

  • No, parents should not have to take full responsibility for their underage pregnant children

    I don't think that this should ever be the case, but parents can only control their children to such an extent. In the end kids are going to do what they want regardless of what their parents say. I don't think it would be fair at all if parents were held accountable for their kids mistakes.

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