• It's not easy to be a parent.

    It's free or not expensive at all to take a class, You can possibly take a class at Goodwill. A 5 hour parenting class for all secondary students grades 7 through 12 should do, Including 30 minute commercials that some people watch like baby bullet and all that. Parenting should include cloth diapering 101, So you can help the environment, Landfill diaper is going up even faster & you can help stop it by switching to do cloth diapers to make a difference. Not all children have different needs, They should & can all have the same needs like cloth diapers, Baby bullet to make homemade baby food, Etc.

  • They wilk need help

    First of all if u got pregnant in the first place u where not using your head .If u are having a child but u are not a full grown adult mentality than u dont know the first hing a bout child safty or how to change a dipper or even make bottle.

  • No way it is too expensive

    If it becomes mandatory ( which it probably will, due to Trump) most families will lose their kids and there would be too many orphans in the world. Another reason is mothers have instincts and the "teachers" are teaching in their own opinion and you could ask for advice from your parents or future grandparents

  • No to parenting classes

    No, I do not think that parents need to take parenting classes. Learning to become a good parent will happen naturally over time, and with the right help from other parents or even grandparents I think that all parents can be good caregivers and raise their children to be moral and ethical.

  • No, if they wanted a child, they should've known how to take care of their child or children.

    All children have different needs. A Parenting class only teaches the basics of parenting. So if your child had turrets,or ADHD, parents still won't know how to take care of their child. So parents need to know the risk before they have a kid, and how to treat their child with support, and care in balance. So you choose, know the risks and learn,or take a class for a while, just to learn things that an ordinary child needs. Every child is unique and special in their own way. Parents need to know how to take care of their child in their own way. Such as needs or education.

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