Should parents help determine the future of their children?

  • Yes, parents should help determine the future of their children.

    Although parents should not dictate the course their children take as they venture through life, parents do have a role in helping their offspring make decisions about their lives. Parents bring experience and an innate concern for the welfare of their children to the table. As a result, they are in a position to provide wise and caring guidance without dictating the decision making process for their children.

  • Yes, parents are the greatest indicator of a child's chance at success.

    Parents are the biggest influence a child has throughout their development. A responsible parent should direct a child towards environments of learning. Assess the skills and interests of a child, sure, but focus them on gaining the experience and direction that they need. A life spent without direction is sure to be wasted in ill-conceived attempts, worthless college degrees and wasted life opportunities.

  • Parents should help determine the future of their children through guidance.

    Parental guidance is crucial to the development of children. It is particular crucial for parents to help young children develop make choices that will help them develop into healthy individuals as well as give them ample opportunity to develop interests. This assistance helps determine the children of future in a way that influential yet subtle.

  • Yes, parents should help their children with anything they need help with.

    Although parents should not interfere with the career and lifestyle choices of their children, they should always be available and willing to help their children determine their own futures when their children request such aid. It is a parent's duty to help guide children and help them make good decisions.

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