Should parents hit their children with belts and/or shoes?

  • Spanking never hurt anyone!

    To be clear, I’m not talking about beating your kids senseless. But, When it’s called for: give ‘em a slap on the butt, Hands or even face. They’ll learn quicker. I laugh and shake my head when I see/hear today’s parents reason with their kids. I’ve seen toddlers hit their mom’s in the face. And all that mother did was take the girl’s hands and say “we don’t do that! ” She got hit two more times after that. . . BY HER TODDLER. My toddler got mad once and decided to hit me in the face. Let me tell you. . . It never happened again! Kids need a firm hand when it comes to discipline!

  • Wake up America!

    As I kid I was punished for my actions, that didnt mean my parents grounded me, pointed and talked, they did however use a belt on my butt. Yes it hurt, and yes I was bruised, but I did learn my lesson and never did that action again. So for all you people who dont spank how many times do you constantly and repeatly yell and ground your kids? Wake up people that crap dont work!

  • Wow! Your kids are troublemakers

    As a kid my parents whipped me only when i did something wrong, so you people who say no how do you punish a child without inflecting pain? So your saying lets just point fingers and say dont do that? Trust me that dont work. When I was just being pointed at I just laughed and did it again until I got whipped.

  • It's been used for generations.

    People have been doing this for generations. I was raised to listen and if I didn't I got my little butt whooped. Society has become to emotional and soft on these things. I'm living and great life and I'm not scared of my parents. I'm not messed up in the head. It taught me to respect them and taught me not to do things I wasn't suppose to do. They didn't go crazy with power and beat me. I was always given several warnings before the butt whooping. It's never been a big deal until this generation. Lighten up people and quit sheltering your kids from life

  • Spanking is going out of control.

    I don’t think that us children should suffer. We should fight back/ run away. Plus kids who get hit with belts are more likely to be criminals when they are older. So no, that definitely crosses the line. I’m 16 and I hate that adults get so arrogant and they have so much power.

  • You are the worst parents

    No they souldn't because just like in slavery people were beaten and killed because of the whips they get. Not only that but children have bruises left from them people will start asking and you will finally have to tell them. My name rosanio Benjamin I was just beaten. I am 12 years old please stop the madness

  • I was lashed when I was 2

    Being lashed can kill. All my siblings have been in trouble so many times. Even for a little thing like breaking a cup our dad would be a monster. As I got wiped I would count in pain. After I would run and scream to my room. When we went to school, scars and bruises would show and my mum said that if anyone asked we had to say that we either fell or make up a different story. I was in pain. I’m in so much pain. I’m just eleven years old.

  • Not a good idea

    This not good idea because kids are not object they should not be hit at all because if you hit them they become more bad. All words hurt more than actions. Hit people is not the way to solve problems to make them stop what they did wrong in first place.

  • No. It's dangerous.

    In Scotland, although there is not a law prohibiting parents from smacking children, it is a criminal offence to use an implement of any sort when doing so. The reason for this is because it increases the likelihood of injury. If a parent smacks a child with an open hand too hard, it will hurt their hand, but if they use an implement, it will not. As a result, with an implement, a parent could smack a child harder without hurting their hand. Ideally, no form of corporal punishment of children should be legal, but if parents MUST be allowed to smack their children, at least ban the use of any implements!

  • NO, no, no

    Honestly, this is the same as hitting someone with a whip. Its pure evil knowing that you are just giving pain to someone. I don't know who could even have a evil enough spirit to hit someone with a belt knowing that they are hurting that person. I understand you are trying to discipline your child but try and find a more reasonable way. I am super against hitting a child and causing such horror for the little person. You guys who believe in this need to streighten up you're acts and learn more reasonable disciplines because this in particular is a VERY BAD WAY to teach a child. THIS IS PHYSICAL ABUSE!!! YOU have no right causing such pain to anyone!

  • 4 years old

    I was about 4 (my first memory) great first memory. Me and my brothers used to get the belt. 15, 16, 17 lashes we counted. The thing is, we got the attention, however, just could not and still cant remember what we did wrong. Too scared of that belt. ABUSE!!

  • For too long

    For too long we children have sufferd at the behest of these so called grown ups . My fellow chilldren i call out to you to stop this injustice . We must retaliate with no mercy and turn the tabels againt these mindless savages who they call grown ups themselfs . They are nothing but a joke

  • Uhh..Are you retarded???

    Kids can feel pain you know! To ccsk1225: Yeah, sure it's been used for generations, but now it's just abuse! People have realized that kids have rights too. If my parents had ever hit me when I was younger, I would have hit them right back, harder! Then I would report them!

  • Definitely not :(

    For one it is illegal to hit children with an implement and when you do this to your children it leaves more than just a physical mark, it leaves an emotional scar on the child for life. Trust me. I was a victim of child abuse. And once you've used an implement for the first time you'll use it again and you'll hit harder every time.

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