Should parents keep up with their children's phone and internet usage?

Asked by: Sophia13
  • YES, parents should watch their children on the internet.

    Children can get hurt online with all of the cyber bullying going on. They should keep watch for the threats and texts online and on social media. The parents should check the history for their kids every week at the end of the week. Parents should protect their children on and offline 24/7.

  • A definite yes.

    Parents should keep up with their children's internet usage because what if they are posting inappropriate pictures or cyber-bullying innocent people? The parents need to know what the children are doing just in cause they do not get in some serious trouble. I know it invades their privacy, but IF the children are cyber-bullying the parents have to know as soon as possible and stop it.

  • The internet is a dnagerous place for children

    With access to pornography, online chatrooms, and other adult material literally a few clicks away, it's very easy for a child to find something they're not supposed to even with parental settings. Parents should be aware of what their children are doing online so that if they stumble upon an explicit website, the parent can talk to their child and makes sure they get reliable answers to questions they may have. Not to control children, but to protect them.

  • Within reason yeah

    Absolutely they should. I mean probably they shouldnt be looking over their shoulder or checking every webpage they visit or message that they send, but every parent has to be and stay vigilant to their childs internet activities because there is real danger out there for kids. I get the whole privacy thing but they are not 18 yet and especially if they are having issues I wouldnt care how much they whine about it.

  • It tells kids that they have no privacy, not even on their own mobile devices.

    Let's face it: kids will be kids. Whatever they're using the internet for is their own problem. They're the ones who will have to live with it. It doesn't affect their parents at all. As long as parents educate their children on the dangers of the internet, social media, etc. and express what they feel the boundaries should be, kids should be given a little privacy. Leave it up to them to decide for themselves what's right and what's wrong.

  • Unreasonable and Unjust

    If you want your children to be stunted in their independence this is how you do it. I understanding checking up once in a while but always keeping tabs on every little thing will just cause sneakier children who refuses to talk to you about their problems. When it comes down to it just let your child experience and make sure they aren't doing anything bad by talking to them and establishing trust.

  • Monitored Phone Usage

    Parents should keep an eye on their child but no they shouldn't have to see their kids phone 24/7. I think kids do deserve some privacy but if they have full privacy as in no one even knows what their doing id suggest a phone check. Every kid should have a little bit of privacy but they shouldn't have all the privacy in the world. Plus they should be monitored because "time is money" as they say, every hour of internet usage costs money an i'm pretty sure parents would want to set a restriction for that.

  • Tbh i say 40% yes and 80% no

    Kids now days get cyber bullied and their parents dont know about this, cause kids can get killed by this and the parents wont know why. But in the other hand i strongly disagree, I say no cause it tells their kids they dont have privacy no where around their parents. It may carry onto them while growing up. They need privacy, everybody needs privacy in this world.

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