• Yes parents should let them

    Yes I think that parents should have to allow their teens to make their own decisions because it is their life and they can do whatever they want ok and yes I do think that teens should be allowed to make their own decisions without being controlled by their parents

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  • Parents shouldn't overprotect their kids.

    My parents allowed my brother to make his own decisions, Whether it was what to eat for dinner or what clothes to buy, And even though he's a millennial, He is now an officer in the navy. Those same parents made every decision for my sister, And he turned out to be a drop out of high school, And is constantly in rehab and on probation for petty theft and underage drinking and smoking. My take is, That parents should allow their kids to make their own decisions.

  • Teens should have choice

    To increase future independence in teens. Choice is a skill that needs to be practiced just like any other skill. The more we do something, The more we learn. Bad choices are needed just as much as good choices. Now, Total freedom of choice isn’t a suggestion I am making. I am simply saying that choice should be controlled while being free.

  • It depends on the Individual.

    Not all teens are the same. A lot of teens are very mature but are stereotyped into these drug doing, Alcohol drinking, Children, Which they are not. As a teenager I wish my mom would have let me have had more freedom because I was mature, I had good grades, And I was a role model according to my teachers. My mom's "over protectiveness" (which is what she calls it, Although to me it's more of, 'failing at parenting. ') caused me to have many problems as a teen. One not being able to be good at socializing. She always scolded me for not having friends, Though she wouldn't let me leave the house. Another reason is that I felt extreme distrust towards her. She read my diaries and my text messages to all my friends, Giving me zero privacy. I could drone on about this subject, But should parents let teens make their own desicions? My final answer is that it depends on the person. If the teen is doing good in school (behavior wise and grades) and is good at home then give them the freedom. If the teen isn't doing so well, Then they don't need as much freedom as the good teens.

  • It depends on the individual person

    I am the parent of 2 young ladies. My oldest is autistic and has always been socially awkward, If you just consider her age/grade. Throughout her primary educational years I spent my time micro-managing her path so she wouldn't be bullied (she was), Left out (she was) and I believe I did her a dis-service. As an adult, She has consistently made "wrong choices, " stealing, Dropping out of school, And staying in an abusive relationship. Had I backed off in her younger years, She may have made these mistakes as an adolescent, Instead of being on probation for petty theft, And losing her FAFSA. I will never know. Her sister on the other hand, Clinical anxiety disorder, Has used her abilities to expose herself to the "scary things, " while knowing I support her choices and she is currently serving her 2nd year as an elected officer of FFA, Achieved a Grant from the California Certified Organic Farmers Association for an individual project, Earned her way to the FFA National Conferences in IN. , From California. She also obtained a title in our County Royalty, Serving as Miss Calaveras 2nd Princess. All of these things required her to make plenty of speeches, Attend educational conferences and workshops around the State. She has NEVER missed her curfew, Never been drunk, Altho' she admits to having tried marijuana! (NOT a good choice! ) I ask myself, "what if I'd tried to clear the path for HER? Would I have held her personal growth back? (YES! ) She has fallen from a pyramid in cheerleading, Had and recovered from an anxiety for "letting her team down, " (went right back to the line after she consoled herself (not me), Cried at a Speech Contest as a Freshman in FFA, And still managed to be awarded "Star Greenhand" (highest honor for 1st year member. We must give them the space they need to make difficult decisions, And accept consequences of their actions. AND BE PREPARED TO FOLLOW THROUGH WITH DISCIPLINE WHEN WARRENTED. At 21 my oldest is finally coming to terms with choices. The rewards are falling into place for her. The youngest is slaving over scholarship opportunities for college, And seeking employment that doesn't interfere with her goals in education and career aspirations (Agriculture Business and Marketing). Both myself and husband are disabled, So there's no family money for college, She's never been surprised with a car in the driveway, And she knows there never will be. I've completely flip-flopped my parenting CHOICES and my children are in very different places in their lives because they are DIFFERENT PEOPLE. Let them fly while they can still return, Unscathed, To the nest! Everyone reaps the rewards.

  • Let teens make their own decisions

    I think that letting teens to make their own decisions is a good way to teach them how to live their lives on their own ways when their parents are not with them. In addition, It helps them to become more mature, Self-confident and more independent. There is no problems when they make mistake because mistake is a better teacher than success.

  • My life! My choice!

    Suppose our parents force us to become someone in life whom we are not even concerned about then ultimately we would grow up to become to become Mr. Nobody. If I want to become a singer they'll force me to become a programmer and then I'll grow up to make a joke out of myself. Just imagine Justin Bieber joining at Facebook as a programmer

  • For a better future.. It is a YES.

    Making decision is about choosing your life path.A good decision is a choice that could leads somebody for a better future but before take any step of it, first of all we need to know our weakness, Strength and also passion. The one and only person who know those things very well is just ourselves! It is so important to decide your own as it will make us more motivated and happy by living through our own life path. However, parents also should play their role to control some part of it like knowing their social circle and routine so that all the negative influence out there will not effect teenagers life .

  • Its a threat

    Teenage is a tender and immature age. One can be easily influenced by inhuman acts. Its very common for terrorist to influence children at this age, Train them to destroy their own world. Parents need to counsel their ward, Guide and correct them at every step of their life.

  • Teenagers are immature person to make their own decision.

    This is because teenagers' life are the most challenging part in their life. They might to take their decision whether it is right or wrong. To my advice, if teenagers have a problems, just expressed it to their parents. Parents have more experienced in life. So, they will know how to handle the problems. Teenagers can get their advice and opinions from their parents. From this way, teenagers' parents also know the performance and development of their children physically,mentally and emotionally.

  • Life decisions unrecoverable

    If you let a child have a independence of making their own decision it is most likely they will make life decisions that cannot be reversed like ending up a young mother or father, becoming addicted to drugs, or an alcoholic. So i think not about letting them have decisions of their own.

  • There is no going back

    If you give your child the power to do things that you know is bad take that freedom but at the same time make them work hard for the freedom so they see that freedom is some thing good but at the same time think of you going to use it for cause one thing that you should know is that karma or what ever will take that power away and it will come back with a slap in the face.And i know this cause me as a kid its good to have power but use it as a good cause not a bad one.So i hope you do the right thing.

  • Teens make stupid decisions

    My husband married with 16 year old and after 15 he realized that it was a stupid decisions. He stopped to study, he had 3 kids and he need to do work hard (3 jobs) to maintain the family. It was his decision? Everybody think that it was a good decision? He divorced, he didn't finish the university. Now he is say: Why I didn't listen my parents?

  • Decision making is learning but...

    Decision making is part of learning and growing but there must be boundaries. Children must learn to obey the boundaries at a young age so they learn to respect there will be consequemces. No, it is not ok for a teen to think they can do whatever they want especially when their actions are affecting themselves and others. The Bible is the best resource!

  • They should not!!!!!!!!!

    Most tens you cant tell them shit because they head to damn big. My son left the house one night said he was going to a foot ball game came to find out he went to get some pussy smdh... That's why you shouldn't do that shit.. That's cool to sometime you have to let them fuck up 2 learn they lesson

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  • Parents should not let them make their own decisions.

    Some teens are not that responsible which can cause problems for example drugs, alcohol and other rude scenes which is not good for teens and some teenagers are un responsible which makes it more bad, My child has snuck out so many times to go hang out with her friends and smoke and get drunk she told me that she was going to go to a football game one night but she really went to her boyfriends house and game back pregnant i honestly think this is not a good idea

  • Give it a Chance

    If your child is at a certain age he/she should be able to make their own decisions. Sometimes you may not agree with the choices they made but as a parent you can still give us advice and its up to us to take it or not. Also, at a certain age teens tend to do illegal stuff like weed, K2 , Crack, Molly, and esc. ,but as a parent the only thing you can do is tell your child to stop because drugs cause health problems like Asthma , Weak lungs, and esc. But its better telling then saying nothing , plus what you gonna do, Force them to stop. You cant because you gave your child the gift to make their own choices but in the end of the day its up to you as a parent to be there for us when we are going through teenage behaviors. - Written by Alex Morales

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