Should parents let teens make their own decisions after a certain age? 

  • Yes because teens can be free

    Many teens like to have fun without fun your kid will be horrible and plus teens make mistakes but they learn from there mistakes like if they get in a fight and they go to the principal and then next time your kid will know to not get in a fight

  • Yes just because

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  • Teens should make their own choices

    Teens neeed a social life. Sociality is most important to a teen because they feel left out when they have no social life. They alson need a chance to explore the world insteed of bieng told that today's society is bad. The reason for that is teens will learn from their mistakes if u let them be in charge of their own decisions , rather then them learning absolutely nothing when you control your kids so much to the point there saying "i hate you" and running away

  • Yes, parents should let teens make their own decisions.

    In my opinion parents should let teens make their own decisions as soon as the teen begins to be capable of handling the responsibility of those decisions. Parents should let teens make their own decisions and gradually increase the teens part and responsibility and also the teen is ready to accept the consequences of poor decision making. Some sooner than others. Some later .

  • A parents should let mature, responsible teens make their own decisions

    Many teenagers will be capable of making responsible choices in their early teens other will take longer to learn how to process and make mature decisions. Teens should be allowed to fail and learn from their mistakes but they also should be capable of figuring out what the right thing is to do when faced with a decision.

  • Not while they are living at home

    Adults are responsible for the safety and well being of kids, their decisions should be monitored by the adults in their lives. When they grow up and move out of home they can make their own decisions then. But kids under the age of 25 have not fully developed their understanding of cause and effect, so while it is important to practice decision making, adults should have final say.

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