Should parents look into their son/daughters mobile device

Asked by: Shreepech
  • Children need guidance from their parents. It's the parents responsibility.

    Many kids these days look up disgusting and inappropriate things on their phone which ruin their innocence and childhood. It encourages them to do these things and tells them that it's okay. Also many teenagers sext which causes distress and bullying and blackmail. Children don't know everything. It is the parents' responsibility to take care of their children.

  • You don't know what's going on

    I think parents should definitely have the right to look through his/her child's phone. They should be able to check because they want to be able to know what their kid is up to, and to make sure that their child isn't getting into different kinds of trouble. The only time I think a parent shouldn't be allowed to snoop is when their son/daughter was the one who actually bought the phone, and is the one who is paying for it month by month, which I doubt is happening. And also, if your child is 18+, parents need to let their kids have control of their phone.
    Also, it shouldn't be that big of a deal. I'm not 100% sure what the deal is, but there is someone from the government looking at the sites you're going on, which is a serious violation of your privacy. So don't get angry when your parents go looking at your phone; they're only doing it to protect you.

  • Just relax and let them

    Teenagers do not deserve the right of privacy from parents. Now, it can be going too far to stalk a child's every post, tweet, or message, but a constant check in on the child's life and what they are up to is okay. I do understand that many parents want the respect and privacy of their own lives from their children so they do the same for them, but being totally "blind" and not knowing what one's child is doing at all can result in a loss of connection between the parent and the child.

  • Yes and No

    If the parents bought the phone and are paying the bills then they can look at it and if necessary take it away.

    If the child has bought it and paying the bills then no, but they can ask their child.

    But that said it should vary depending on the age of the child/teenager involved.

    Very young children should not have a proper mobile phone, they should have one of those ones with the set locked contacts Eg: Emergency services and some family member's.

  • Um ya duh

    First, are you the one paying for your cell phone/mobile device, no? Then they have not only the right as your parents to look on your phone but also the legal right to do so, with out you even knowing. They could call your provider and get a copy of all the texts, emails, or any electronic communication you have ever sent.

    Second, Big Brother intercepts about 86% of all electronic communication in the USA, even higher is some other countries. So don't even get started about the who "invasion of privacy" thing with me, there is no privacy anymore!!!!

    Posted by: BIGC
  • Trust you teens

    Every parent should be able to trust their child and if you keep looking on their electronics you will loose the trust between you both. When a teenagers feel like they cant trust their authority figure, they hide. They'll think you'll overreact at any moment and about anything. So they'll hide what they are doing, who they are talking to, where they are going.

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  • Do you not trust your children?

    At school, at home, everywhere children are constantly being told about the dangers of the internet, e-safety and all that. They do know what they are doing. I personally know that I would never purposefully look at inappropriate things online, and I'd like to think it's the same for my child. Like someone once said to me, a teen's phone is like a diary. How would you feel if someone could read your thoughts, dreams, private conversations? I know I wouldn't like it!

  • Not at all,

    Parents should not be able to look through their son or daughters mobile devices. Everybody likes to have privacy at some point in their lives and a cell phone can give people that privacy. Teens have personal conversations with their friends, other family member, boyfriend/girlfriend, etc. They are just like personal conversations that grownups have in person that they would not want their children to hear. Parents think it is perfectly okay to take their children’s phones and look through all their personal and impersonal things on there, without any reason to, and it could embarrass the child and make them not want to express themselves over the phone or in person. If the parents have the right to look though their kids business, then the kids should have the right to do the same. The only time a parent should even consider looking through their kids phone, is if the kid is doing a lot of irresponsible things and the parents are suspicious of what could be going on when they aren’t looking. Some may say, if the child does not have anything to hide, then why would it matter if their phone was looked through? It is more of a privacy situation and a trust thing. The child likes to know her parents have trust in her/him. It makes them more confident in how they are living their lives and they will want to continue to do the right thing. Also having the privacy, is just something everyone needs.

  • Trust is the importance of there kids

    Parents should already trust there kids , if they have a guilty feeling about it then I think they should take action but if they don't then it should be a big deal. I've never had my parents not trust me because I ain't no druggie or miss curfew. All I do is school and work 7 days a week why would I want to lie to my parents and love our bond together

  • Build Their Trust

    People agree that teens should have privacy from their parents because it shows trust from parent to teen. Parents should have talks about inappropriate and appropriate things that should and should not be allowed on text messages, e-mail, or even Facebook, but they should not invade through their cell phones or laptop. A teen being open and aware is a teen who will most likely realize wrong from right.

  • Invasion of privacy

    If a parent looked into a son/daughter's phone, they could definitely lose the child's trust. There is really no reason to do this except if you think they are in danger. Instead, parents should teach their kids how to be safe while using mobile devices and being online, then trust them to do so. If they don't, then you can just take the phone from them because they obviously aren't ready to handle it.

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