• I am really torn on this, but logically they should.

    Don't get me wrong, I absolutely hated when my mom tried to look through my stuff, it is just a violation of my privacy. It even made me feel like she didn't trust me.
    However, teens don't tell their parents everything, so if they have something to hide their parents should try to find out. It might be harmless, or they might have a suicidal child. It is probably for the best that they do so, but they should've just shown their child that they are trustworthy and then ask them if anything is wrong.

  • Unless the teen has something to hide...

    In which case the parents are absolutely required to look through their stuff. In an ideal world, or at least a world with more rational thought than the one now (honestly, we elected a Democrat twice.), the parents have the child as #1, and that means that if they have to look through their stuff in search of contraband, so be it.

  • Parents should search their teens stuff, but not ALL the time. They should check their phones mostly.

    Hm, yikes. I am a teen and although I REALLY don't want them to look through my stuff I think they should. I don't mean search the teens whole room every single day, but if parents are suspicious and the parent knows there's something their child is hiding, they should straight up ask their child "what's going on is there something you'd like to tell me". Give them a chance. My parents did something called a "shakedown" with me knowing. They didn't care if I liked or not but at least they didn't rifle through everything in secret. In all honesty, parents should check teen's search history on their electronic devices, what apps they are using, and who they are texting. That's where most of the trouble is, in my opinion.

    Sorry, I typed this all on my iPad.

  • Can't have trust if you don't receive it.

    I'm 14, and I'm just giving my perspective on this. My mom went through my phone the first chance she got. When I was showering, trust is crucial in the teen stage of life, trust can change the relationship between parents and teens for better and worse, if you trust your child, you're fully faithful that they'd make the right decisions. Unless you don't trust your child for some reason (e.G Caught Lying.) You should still try to have some trust and privacy. Kids are growing up, sometimes kids have hard days, and nor teachers or parents have any sympathy, parents never let up on simple things like curfews, but don't expect your child to trust you if you want to snoop on him. Why give him the phone if you're going to keep throwing the "I paid for it." In their face. It's not that teens don't have secrets, they don't want to anger you with some innopropriate joke they made, some parents get angry for no reasons. Kids aren't robots, they have emotions. Parents are usually the last person they'd wanna tell about any sort of secret. Why? You parents don't understand most troubles that teens face, or they can't solve them. Kids usually rely on friends they meet in school, dating, drama, and grades are just normal parts of a teens life. A teen would usually talk to his friends first than rather talk to their parents. Parents never trust kids, so in their minds, it's "You won't receive trust if you don't have any." Teens are growing up..They'll soon be adults. Give them space to be independent beings so they can be great against the real world. The only thing teens are sensitive about is their phones, teens can be themselves online, no fear of being judged, it's not complicated, you can make bad jokes and curse without any consequences, free from parents. If parents are being intrusive into that kind of stuff. Don't expect your child to trust you and stay with you when they're capable of leaving. The reason kids don't talk to parents is because their really isn't any reason to. I don't talk to my mom because she's addicted to technology too. Most of the times parents get into arguments, it ends with "I'm the father/mother so you have to listen to me either way because I pay the bills, clothes, food, etc." Hence why kids don't talk to their parents because they can't be themselves around them. It's sad, but true, kids are usually themselves around friends.

  • If teens think you can't trust them they'll lose self esteem.

    You should show that you trust your child enough to give them privacy. Everyone needs privacy. Parents should understand that children need privacy. Parents don't like when children are nosy so they shouldn't be nosy themselves. I mean what if your children went trough your stuff then you would be livid so don't do it . And plus if your child thinks you can't trust them then that will lower their self esteem. You don't want your child to think their untrustworthy. And what if you misread the situation went through their stuff and their was nothing to find your child did nothing but now you looked through their stuff and they think you think that their untrustworthy and whatever happend to privacy. It's apart of life to make mistakes. It builds character. If you fight all your children's battle they're gonna be weak when they grow up. Weak with low self-esteem that's bad parenting

  • What will it accomplish?

    What is a parent hoping to accomplish by rifling through their teenager's things? A teenager won't stop drinking or doing drugs because mom found their stash. All they'll learn is to find a better hiding spot next time. Sometimes teenagers do stupid things. That's the nature of growing up. If you did your parenting right, then your child will realize what they're doing is stupid and grow out of it on their own. No betrayed trust or hurt feelings required!

  • No because ...

    I don't think parents should go through kids stuff unless the parent suspects the child was hiding guns or drugs or something that he/she needed to find. Teens need to have at least some privacy. Also the child may start feeling like he or she needs to hide everything to keep the parent from finding it.

  • Nooooooo... Don't look in my stuff!

    Teens have a right to privacy. Should teens look through parents' stuff. Unless they have a good suspicion, parents should not be snooping through their teen's stuff. Teens have a right to be independent, responsible young adults that don't need their parents constantly checking up on them. With more independence, teens will grow up to become responsible adults. Teens are capable of having anything and doing whatever they want as long as they are safe. Parents shouldn't keep secrets from their children, if they don't want teens keeping secrets from them. This is my opinion.

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