Should parents make kids study during summer vacation?

  • Yes they should!

    I agree it's called "Summer Break" for a reason, but you should never stop learning. In fact, you learn every day. It doesn't hurt to maybe relax but neither does learning a thing or two. Sitting home playing video games all day for 2 months is just useless, and pointless. A waste of 2 months every year. Learning is a great experience if you embrace it. So yes, parents should make kids study during summer vacation ( just not too much ).

  • "If a student does not get a break they will most likely not pay attention."

    It turns out a 90 day break is a really bad idea for anyone doing anything. Ever take a 90 day break from working out and if you did were you surprised you're not as fit as you used to be 90 days ago? Because if you're surprised you're a fool. The brain requires the same training.

  • Taking a break

    Vacation means taking a break but from what? School. You study during school. This means that summer vacation means that you're taking a break from studying. If you want to study during summer that's fine but summer is a time to relax and take a break not make kids do the same thing they've been doing before school was let out

  • Summer Break for kids

    Kids need a break during summer to function well during school time. If a student does not get a sustainable break, they will not function well enough during school and it will feel tiring and unfair to the kids. If a student does not get a break they will most likely not pay attention.

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