Should parents monitor their children's social media?

  • What do you have to hide

    Parents should track their kids online. The people commenting no are the kids, one of them could be yours for all you know. What do these people have to hide. The people are saying no because they don't want their parents to see what they are doing Hello Mrs. Hvistaarmon

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  • Yes kids should be watched

    Cyber bullying is really bad. It makes everything seem dangerous. But it's not just that. There's a lot of other reasons to watch kids. There are hackers that they might not know about and inappropriate stuff like nudity and dirty jokes. Kids should be trusted, but what about when they cant.

  • Yes thay should

    Its manly in my idea because of pron and bulling and making serten people are how they say they are. The more we monitor the better it becomes we deserve privesy but to what extent that's the question. Think ponder and pray to god to get your anser. Thats what i think

  • It prevents cyber bullying

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  • Teens are evil.

    Lasagna. Is a peice of poop and i dont think it is fair to teens who are being stalked by theri parents. Teenagrerg need to be trusted, and not stalked by mama and dada. Therefore, yes. Thank you for your time and love. Such as the america of the us.

  • Yes i do!

    I think that we do because what if our kids are getting threatened and or stalked and they are to scared to tell us and then it would be too late to fix. Also i think yes because the internet is very dangerous and we wouldn't be able to help.

  • Parents should monitor what is on social media.

    As a teenager, I understand teenagers feel the need to have privacy, however; to what extent? Trust is an important key, however; parents can trust the teens, not the people on social media.Teenagers need to understand not everyone on social media are who they say. Monitoring what teenagers do does not mean whatever you right is automatically checked, in some cases, it means they are making sure you are not in harms way. For example: as a teenager I was bullied, and it was through text and social media, luckily my parents were able to see what was happening before it became to serious. My parents did not check everything I wrote and thought, however; they checked to make sure I, or someone else, was not abusing their morals or rules.

  • Yes, they should.

    This will prevent cyber-bullying, suicides, depression, and can help parents to see what their children need help on. One big problem with the internet is that it is "home" to many dangers. With parents monitoring their children's internet access, then they are exposed to less dangers and are less likely to be caught by these dangers.

  • Safety reasons for social media

    Parents should check a child's social media account because of safety reasons I mean parents could never know what is happening with their child . The Internet is a different world its a world were you are behind a screen where nobody could say anything to you so you could start bullying people and people could be under danger that's why parent should monitor a child's social media.

  • The trust is gone.

    Obviously parents aren't trusting their kids. If they can't trust them they may as well completly run their lives, telling them what not to do online, what to eat, doing this isn't helping. If we can't trust our kids they'll never learn for themselves what's right or what's not right.

  • Why do you need to know?

    If you're so worried about your kids doing bad stuff on the internet, EDUCATE THEM ON WHAT THEY CAN DO TO BE SAFE! You shouldn't have to be stalking their social media, and if they don't want you to see something then just let it go! I'm sure there are things you don't want your parents knowing, and stuff they don't want you knowing. Everyone needs some privacy, respect it!

  • Lack Of Trust

    Parents need to be able to trust their kids more. Snooping around is like saying (in actions) that they don't trust their kids to do what they can't see. If it gets worse, and the kids found out, then the kid-parent bond will break, and the kids will stop relying on their parents.

  • Raise Good Kids

    Instead of raising kids who try to sneak around them online, parents should try building a strong foundation from the beginning. Then if there is a problem, those children will go to their parents on their own. Why raise a child if you don't want to have a meaningful relationship with the child?

  • Maybe or Maybe not

    If parents look too much in their children's social media, the kids will lose trust. They will think that their parents will do anything to stop them from talking on social media. Some kids might even purposely hide some things from their parents. That would cause a weak bond with each other. Parents should limit their "checking on children's social media" to just a little so your children wouldn't hate you. You have to gain their trust. If they trust you, they will tell you everything. "Sneaking peeks" at their social media would make them angry. They would lose their trust in you. Social media is dangerous, but if you have a good bond, they will tell you almost everything. Also, you must think like a teenager to understand one. Think of what you would feel if you caught your parents spying on your social media. NO ONE likes it. You should think about doing something else to help them. Something that wouldn't bother you, too.

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  • Of course not

    The kids feel as if the parent wouldn't trust them or if they ever trusted them. The worst feeling from a child is when they know that their parent doesn't trust them or feel like their parent is looking for personal information. Kids do NOT want their parent always looking at their texts or social media.

  • No no no

    Because people need their privacy just like me and other kids.We don't like parents looking at us on our social media.So n o n o n o n o n o n o n o n o n o n o n o n o n o n o n o

  • Maybe, maybe not

    Parents shouldn't because it will make children stop trusting their own parents and feel that they don't have privacy. But if parents can gain their child's trust parents can find ways to have their children tell them if they are being cyber-bullied and put a stop to the cyber bullying.
    But if children and teens are using social media too much, parents should at least limit them and prevent them from using it too much.

  • Teenagers and parents relationships should be based on trust.

    Parents need to be able to trust their teenagers to not do inappropriate things online, and on social media. If they don't trust each other then there will be a problem in their bond. If there is a weak bond; then there will be a chasm between them. They will have a hard time understanding each other and then they will get into fights and arguments. This is a critical time in a teenagers life. If they learn that this is how to treat their own children in the future then the cycle of the arguments and fights will continue.

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