• Yes, yes they should

    It is beyond comprehension why somebody would think that torturing your kids is an acceptable form of punishment. They did something to that child that they can never undo. The first and most important thing they took from the child is the trust the child has for a parent. He/she will never be able to deep down feel safe with the parents again. They have done damage that may never ever heal.

  • Yes, it's more than a bad judgment call.

    As parents we all make bad judgment calls and wish we'd done things differently. This was more than that. While you shouldn't teach this type of lesson to a child of any age, this child was very young. This shows the parents have bad judgment in general. While on some level I understand the lesson they were trying to teach from reading this story, this is more than a bad judgment call.

  • Yes, the punishment was a form of child abuse.

    Abandoning a pet is considered to be against the law. Abandoning a child should absolutely be considered an even graver injury. The parents who left their child in the woods as a punishment could have very well killed the boy by doing so. Their actions were a form of child abuse and they should be punished for taking them. The boy should be placed with a more caring family.

  • Absolutely they should

    I do not care what culture they come from, this should never be deemed acceptable. This is a clear cut case of child abuse and neglect. Something needs to happen to deter this from happening again. They should serve time in an isolation wing of a prison so that they feel what being truly alone is like.

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