Should parents of children obese from overeating be charged with child abuse?

Asked by: Contejour
  • It's outrageous that

    Parents blame children's overeating on everyone else except themselves , I have heard every excuse under the sun and it's all nonsense .Being poor is the biggest cop out a lot of our parents were poor and we didn't end up obese .Is it not incredible people will restrict a pet in its eating habits and even exercise it and not there kids .Kids are dying young on account of this bad parenting and it is a form of abuse.

  • It doesn’t matter how parents deliberately damage their children’s health, they should always be held accountable.

    If parents give their kids alcohol or cigarettes they will damage their health. If they beat them up they will damage their health. If they starve them, they will damage their health. If they feed them too much junk food they will damage their health. What difference does it make? The social services should intervene when teachers, doctors or other professional raise concerns over a child becoming dangerously overweight.

  • They are making people unhealthy.

    They are making people unhealthy. This would cause sicknesses and even heart-attacks. That is pretty much child endangerment or murder if the child dies. Plus this could cause lots of pain from a sickness so somebody could sue them. I am surprised I do not see any debates on TV about this topic for it took me a while to think of this.

  • Its so obvious

    These KIDS are FAT. Its dumb. The parent should step up and say you to stop eating. And to work out more. Don't be rude, but make sure they know that they aren't healthy. Also shoutout to @stephany._.Xv because she has a fat brother too. And a fat boyfriend. Lol

  • Save the kids!

    People keep on blaming this wrongly on saying that healthy is expensive..... They haven't walked through the healthy sections at Walmart then! Its really not that hard!!! People need to start owning up to their actions and stop making excuses for their kids weight! Its not their fault. The habits you teach them now will impact their whole lives.

  • Parents are needed to interfere children.

    When children are fat, they can have illness when they grow up. We think that being healthy and also participating in health programs organized by state can be mandated as part of their duty in fulfilling their educational obligations. So I think parents of children obese from overeating be charged.

  • If the parent's intention was to do this to the child then yes

    If my child was overweight I would feel as though I have failed as a parent. I eat healthy, so there would be no chance of that happening to my children. They might be overweight because of muscle mass. But anyways, if the parent's intent was to make the child fat, they should be charged with child abuse. That is just cruel.

  • Only in serious cases

    If its a minor case of obesity then the parents shouldn't be punished. If its a serious case, then yes. Parents are accountable for the health and well being of their child. Alcohol, drugs, cigaretts, beating, and starving affects children's Heath and so does obesity. If its a case where the child has a disease or medical disorder causing obesity then the parents shouldn't be charged. If the child is severely overweight due to overheating and lack of parenting then something should be done.

  • Violation Of Rights

    First of all, a BMI of 30 does not always make one obese. There really is no good measure to determine whether someone is obese, as so many factors come into play. Furthermore, parents do not have complete control over their kids (especially after age 6-8 or so), so their kids could overeat when not in the company of their parents. Also, who is to say that it is wrong to be obese. Obese people live slightly shorter on average, but it is a personal freedom to decide what you want to weigh.

  • Obesity is a issue not a crime!

    I disagree that parents should be charged.. I believe kids should be given a proper medical support as being obese is not something they chose. There are factors that play the role.Biology explains it well when it says that it is rather a disease than an example of lavishness!!After all everyone in this world wants to fit!

  • This is getting ridiculous.

    The fat shaming in our society has reached an absurd level. Not to mention the double standard in this answer.
    Do parents who happen to have a genetically thin child who eats nothing but junk food and McDonald's get a free pass over the parents of the child with an identical diet and exercise regime who happens to be overweight? Because yes- a great deal of obesity depends on genetic propensity.
    Do we now punish parents because their child may overeat out of their sight, or at a friend's house? Parents who work two jobs and don't have time or money to cook meals and thus rely on takeout?

    How about we go after ACTUAL abuse, and the fact that 1 in 5 kids in this country don't EAT regular meals- you know, REAL problems, not "first world" problems.

  • No, We Do Not Need More Intrusive Legislation

    Parents of obese children from overeating absolutely do not need to be charged with child abuse. Do we really want a government agency to be dedicated to monitoring what parents feed their children? Many parents have enough problems to deal with this in this competitive modern world, full of designer drugs and prescription meds with everyone looking to make a profit. The fast food and junk food companies are just as bad. Pedaling addictive unhealthy foods at cheaper prices than all natural goods has pushed many families into a situation where they cannot afford to feed their children well. If anything, parents of obese children from overeating and their children should have a non profit agency available as a resource for advice on eating and health habits, even other stress related things.

  • Fast food industries and junk food or unhealthy foods in grocery stores make things faster and easier, they at most times are cheaper.

    If you do a background check of all families and children with obesity, you are more likely to find that they are on government assistance as well. For the select few that are working, in most cases, they are working long hard hours, for minimum wage, making sure all the bills are paid and going through the daily schedule that usually leaves little, to no time for cooking a healthy meal. Most cases, the parents themselves are obese as well. Are we going to charge them for being obese? Its discrimination. I feel Jamie Oliver has it right. Let's teach parents how to balance, work, play and meal making, instead of pointing fingers.

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