Should parents of morbidly obese children be charged with child abuse?

  • Mistreating your child in a way that hurts them is the very definition of abuse.

    Responsibly spanking your kids in public will get them taken from you by the authorities but thousands upon thousands of morbidly obese kids are out there walking next to their equally obese parents in Walmarts every day buying sugar and carb loaded crap paid for by government programs funded by the confiscated wealth of the very same responsible parents that would love nothing more but to use reasononable and responsible spanking as a tool to instill the discipline needed in life to curb your food intake. How's that for ironic. Makes me sick when I see it. It is absolutely despicable.

  • Yes they should be charged with child abuse!!

    These parents are killing their children, they are setting them up for a short life fillednwith medical problems. Even if a parent can't afford to feed children always only the healthier food, they can still track how much they are eating.
    Weight is caused by calories in vs calories out, it is impossible to create energy without consuming it first, so it would be impossible to gain weight if consuming the right amount of calories each day.
    Parents have to stop being lazy and actually raise their kids, counting their calories and teaching them portion control is part of that. These children are unable to run down the hall and keep up with their other friends, they develop diabetes and heart problems, it huta their joints and lungs, all due to the laziness of the parents.

  • Obesity in Children: Is It Child Abuse?

    Child abuse is defined as physical maltreatment of a child. Why would a life-threatening form of neglect such as childhood obesity not be considered child abuse? Whether by starvation or overfeeding, a child’s health is being physically neglected if a parent does not care for them sufficiently. The law recognizes this fact holding parents legally responsible for providing for their children adequately. Failure to provide care can be monitored by medical providers but if medical attention or permit of treatment for a child’s physical or moral well-being is disregarded this can cause harm or death and is considered medical neglect which is a form of child abuse. Therefore, childhood obesity should be considered child abuse.

  • Abuse is abuse

    If parents who allow their children to become underweight to an extent it affects their health are prosecuted why is this any different, answer is its not, we should all be working to stop these parents who are subjecting their children shorter miserable lives. Protect the next generation and help them live long-healthy lives

  • Setting up a child for his future

    Here's my intake on this whole obese and children. If parents live in such a way that they eat unhealthy they become obese. They are old enough to recognize and choose. When you take an innocent child who has no say of what the Guardian buys and puts on the table it's leaving the child no choice but to get used to the foods they eat. Not providing a child with a healthy start and healthy options causes a rise in medical, diagnosis for diabetes and heart conditions in the child's future. Also the child becomes depressed and let's face it less active and possibly excluded from others in school and so on. It's not just physical but mental were talking. So YES YES YES parents should be charged. It's a form of neglect. So why is this form of neglect ok when other forms of neglect are not. Abuse is abuse no matter what form. Now I am gonna get personal here.

    I share 50/50 parental time with the ex. Our son is 8. I workout 5 days a week and eat healthy but allow myself a good treat once a week. Like a juicy burger. My sons Dad on the other hand is obese and orders out all the time. My son complains to me about it because he is trying to help his daddy make healthier choices by choosing subway over mcDonalds. His dad says I'm buying and that's tough you eat what I eat. So my son is obviously hungry so he eats what his dad says to eat.

    I cannot control what he eats while he is with his dad. But a good way to get your child to eat healthy is take him or her shopping with you. Stick to the perimeter of the grocery store and allow your child to choose 2 healthy choices of protein fruit and veggies grains and dairy. They get the choice to choose and your helping them with teaching them healthy eating. My son was a picky eater growing up so this helped a lot. When it came to lunches and dinner have them make their lunch with the choices he picked. Better yet cook what he chose as a family meal and have him plate his own dinner make a rule that there has to be protein veggies and grains on his plate and what ever he plates he is responsible to eat. Teach them good portion size. If he's still hungry he can then go for more.

    I know we live in a busy world but take the time to teach children to live a healthy lifestyle. Then you won't have to spends so much on future meds and trips to the hospital. Between pharmaceutical companies, doctors and research doctors and government they all rely on obesity and other unhealthy individuals. Isn't our medical system messed up enough? It's your life is they choose to be unhealthy but drag your innocent child into your depressing world?

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  • Depending on the situations

    Just like a death can be accidental, manslaughter, or murder. If it's medical, that's one thing. If its purely the parents that are primarily the cause, they bear more responsibility. Like if a child is a toddler. He had no idea of his weight or health. But a teenager? One that refuses to exercise and funnel junk food in their system? That's on the kid.

  • Killing them slowly

    It is NOT too expensive to eat healthy and take time to prepare better food. Its parents being lazy and neglectful. If you under feed a child you are neglecting them if you let them get obese, you are neglecting them by them become diabetic, develop heart disease, ruin their adolescents and open them up to bullying, higher cost of continual expensive feeding ha bits as they get older. Then the cost of this neglect ends up raising heath care costs for the U.S. as well. So these parents are completely to blame for more than just child abuse, also for part of economic strain

  • If a child was underweight...

    If a child was severely underweight the parents would be punished, why is morbid obesity any different? The parents are still risking the child's current and longterm health. It is a parent's job to help a child develop healthy eating habits, not to rocket them to an early grave by stuffing them with food

  • No, parents should not be punished

    Parents are not the only one to blame for obesity. There are several factors other than just the parents feeding kids the wrong foods, some of the problem for some children is however over-feeding. One of the main causes of obesity is the major expense of healthy foods, for example, to have a full healthy meal, ( meat, fresh vegetables, fruit, ect) it will cost nearly twice as much as a box of Hamburger helper and instant potatoes. This is a major factor because in come is not something that can be controlled by the parent and it may be a daily struggle to put ANY food on the table, even if it is unhealthy. Another factor is the genetic makeup of the child. I Have personally seen very skinny children eat very large amounts of very unhealthy food and have low amounts of exercise, the reason they stay skinny, their metabolism. You can often observe calorie intake of obese kids and realize that they are still under their recommended calories, why? Because they have the genetic makeup that causes slow metabolism and makes them have weight gain.

  • No parents need to be helped not critizised

    If your child wont stop eating they are often aggressive if they dont get food, its life destroying for the whole family,but parents are now scared to get help as they are all too often wrongly judged, support and productive help is needed,knowing what diet kids should follow doesnt always mean it possible to make that child follow it, unless you're in that situation you really dont know how difficult it is.

  • No Child Abuse For Obese Children

    I do not believe parents of morbidly obese children should be charged with child abuse. There are some medical conditions that can cause obesity in children and those parents should not have to worry about being charged with child abuse. Since parents typically get charged with child abuse if they do not feed a child, they should not charge child abuse just because they offering poor selections.

  • There's just too many factors.

    The thing is that, for one, kids grow at different rates and their bodies do weird things. A kid that scores as obese one month might just be big for their age, might be getting ready to hit a growth spurt, or any number of other things and be perfectly normal six months later. I'm especially thinking about the kids that hit puberty early and start getting extra weight from muscles or breast development.

    Another thing is that there could be some kind of underlying medical problem that either the parent has tried to get resolved and can't or that the parent has no real way to treat. Not everybody is lucky enough to have good insurance these days, and the kinds of testing the kid needs could be thousands of dollars that the parents simply don't have to spare. We can argue about not having kids you can't afford until the cows come home, but that still doesn't let us deal with reality.

    Another major factor can come from simple ignorance and lack of time. It's hard to be a parent, and with the number of people in poverty and single parents these days, it may just be that the parent is ignorant of healthy choices or is ignorant of healthy options for meals that aren't extremely time consuming.

  • No, parents should not be charged with child abuse.

    Parents should be properly educated about nutrition and health, not punished. After the age five, most children are in school. The lunches are horrible, and most teachers reward their students with candy and cookies. It's disheartening. While we have to take some responsibility for our childrens overeating, we also need to see how they are being fed outside of the home. Children also have the "mom syndrome." They go to neighbors and eat, they go to grandma's and eat. So where should the blame fall?

  • No- the child has at least some responsibility

    While the parents almost certainly had an influence on the child's unhealthy state, it doesn't necessarily mean the parents are dangerous and abusive. Healthy food and exercise habits are taught in schools from an early age, so even if the parents have an unhealthy lifestyle, the children at least have access to the information they need. A child is also capable of not eating great amounts of food, even if they are encouraged to do so, just as they are capable of sneaking food when the parents are not looking. A situation where the kids are somewhat stuck is when the parents purchase and prepare literally no food of nutritional value, but I still don't believe this is abusive behavior. It seems like more of a lack of understanding of good habits; if anything it might be negligence, but not full-blown abuse. As another user said, it makes sense to treat this on a case-by-case basis. If it can be found that the parents intentionally refuse to encourage healthy food habits or even discourage them to the point that the child is at extreme risk (morbidly obese, not just fat), then perhaps some form of discipline should be carried out.

  • No, Such Harsh Consequences Should be Used on a Case by Case Basis.

    Sometimes kids do what they want to do in spite of parent's efforts. Sometimes health reasons are to blame for weight issues. Parents can not be around their kids 100% of the time to dictate what they eat all the time and if they exercise. To hold parents completely responsible like that will not help anything. An education support program should be put into place to help the families make the kid healthy, and teaches parents how to be a good influence, and teaches kids the importance of being healthy.

  • Children Are Self Concious because of their weight

    Being a kid who was considered medically obese it was my mother’s failure to educate us on health. Your parent has an idea on what you should and shouldn’t be eating. Sugar is definitely something that should be limited in a child’s diet. Just cause’ their growing doesn’t mean they should eat McDonald’s or eat a whole bag of popcorn. It should be a monthly or week by week moderation not a have whatever you want whenever you want that’s what the bad thing is.

  • Not always the parent's fault.

    I do not think this is always the parent's fault, although it sometimes may be. There are often other factors of obesity. Sure, if the parents were forcing their child to eat a tremendous amount or something like that, of course that would be abuse, but most of the time, it is not the fault of the parent.

  • Personal health is not your moms fault...............................

    Because you know more about your body than anyone nobody know your bad better than you do basically........You have to learn to take care of yourself many parents warn there children about obesity its up to you what you decide to eat you decide to eat that stuff you are not forced to eat.

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