• Then they got more motivated

    If children know they get paid if they got a good grade, They got more motivated becayse they got money and they want money. Also children got money so they don't have to complain about getting less money and they have it on their own hand. So i think parents schould pay children foor good grades.

  • Great Inscentive which cannot be replated by morale

    Good grades should be expected is an invalid argument. Children have no motivation to attain good grades. They are not philanthropists. For children to actually get good grades, They should be paid. Since children are people and people have unlimited wants, Parents can exploit this greediness to get children to work harder for good grades. Children will be incentivized to work harder for that one thing that they have always wanted because now there is an actual feasible path for children to get the money to buy the things that they want. Let's say that the parent pays $10 per semester of getting a 4. 0 GPA. If a child wants something that is $40, It will take them 2 straight years of getting good grades to attain this. This will force children to work very hard to get what they desire.

  • There is no point

    I no 20 percent say yes but you should expect good grades anyway and they don't need getting "paid" as they don't have a job.
    I know you want to show them that you have the love to actually care and show them what the real world looks like but don't you pay for food luxury so there is no need to pay them.

  • If you do well do you need someone to say so

    I don't think that parents, In general, Should pay their kids anything if the kids aren't working for their own money. And if you personally know that you did well on your own why do you need the approval of your parents that you DID do well what if your parents expectations are much lower or higher than yours, Know my parents have higher expectations than me

  • Misleading and Manipulatice

    If a parent comes to the conclusion that their child is lacking in motivation, This is, In almost every case, The product of a fundamental lack of direction or meaning. In short, They have nothing to work for.

    And so you say, Why shouldn't that be money? Well, Firstly, Money is instantaneous and on the whole damaging - if they are working for money, What have they to work for when you no longer pay them, When they have no income? If they learn to work for both internal fulfillment and progress, They learn to be self-sustaining and responsible, Not a child doing their spelling homework at the promise of sweets.

    Secondly, It develops a misleading reward structure: the reality is many people are either in debt or don't earn a single pound/dollar until after their university graduation. Paying their child distorts their view of reality, Resulting in a complete inability to cope with the real hierarchical career structure of life, In which they have to work for years, Like EVERYONE ELSE, Before they can sustain themselves.

    Lastly, This doesn't mean don't spend money on your children. Make sure they are working for themselves and simply use the money to provide the most beneficial opportunities for them, Whilst maintaining a self-reliant attitude.

  • They Already Get Paid in the Long Run

    There is already a myriad of "incentives" to get good grades, Such as going to a good college, Which, In turn, Will most likely get you a better job. The parents paying the child is an unnecessary benefit that is excessive. Plus, If the parents pay the child now, What is the child's incentive to get good grades later?

  • Good grades should be expected anyway

    Parents do everything for their children. It should be an expectation for children to get good grades. The children should want to work hard and make the best of their life. They almost owe it to their parents to work hard since their parents are the ones providing for them.

  • It destroys the integrity of learning

    Schools shouldn't teach "learn for the test" they should teach "learn for your life" There are too many instances where a class will spend a month learning a subject, Take the test. Then a week later, Take the same test and get half the grade. Paying children for good grades just promotes this attitude towards schools.

  • It's a Bad Incentive.

    I strongly believe that people, Especially kids, Need an incentive to work hard. Adults know that if they work hard, We make more money. High school and college students know that better grades lead to a better job. Kids, On the other hand, Don't have that mindset. I believe that children need to see a clear reason to try hard in school, But money is not that reason. For one, Children don't value money like we do. When teens and adults see money, They understand the value of it. They work hard, Pay taxes, Buy food, Pay bills, And save their money. When a child sees money, All they think about is buying what they want. The parent can use the money he/she gives to the child, And instead save for the child's future, Like school. An incentive for children that actually works would be more free time. Kids value their time having fun more than anything else. When they know that higher grades equal more time to have fun, You will see a lot of kids hitting the books.

  • They Are Your Parents

    They feed you, Pay for your needs and even for your luxuries. They love you and makes you feel loved (if they don't, Then this debate is meaningless, So I'll assume that they do love you), Basically support you where they can. And they don't have a solid reason to pay you to get good grades, After all, The future is not theirs, But yours. You should be getting good grades simply because you want a good life. Your parents don't earn anything from it, Other than emotional satisfaction. It isn't like they're running a company, Paying children to get good grades would kill family bonds and commodify it.

  • Why Should They?

    Why would a parent give their children money for getting good grades? All that the children need to do to be successful is just to get good grades. You don't need money. Money is just evil. Although you will need money to pay rent, You don't need a big amount of it. So i say no.

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