• After reading this, you will support parents paying for school busing.

    Parents are already paying for school buses. They pay through taxes.
    They don't just pay for they're child's busing . They pay for another
    child's busing or more. It depend's on their wealth. Even parents
    who don't have their children have busing as a transportation to
    school are paying up. The schools are cheating on parents. Let's
    all stop this and pay directly.

  • Playing it safe

    At one time parents did not pay for school buses it was part of the education budget. Decades ago bus stops were about ½ to ¾ mile apart and kids walked to the nearest one. Over time, stops got closer and closer together as a result of parents not wanting their kids standing in the elements, along with the fear there was of a boogey man around every corner wanting to harm their child; it pumped up the cost. Now, with limited budgets, line items that do not directly affect education have been cut and bus stops are again greater distances apart. To make matters a bit worse, if a minor child is seen walking alone, which was a daily common occurrence 2 decades ago, a parent can be charged with neglect. So in the end, parent plays it safe and pony up the dough.

  • No parents already pay

    Parents already pay taxes and the school why pay the bus directly when the state could raise taxes if needed but you already pay taxes for school why cant they use some of the money from that and what if your parents only make enough money to send you on a bus to school fed and cloths

  • No no no

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  • Why pay when already paying

    What is the point? Parents are already paying for buses, why should they pay more on top of everything else they pay for. They pay through taxes, even people who don't have kids parents who pay for basing who pay lunch, and sullies will drive their kid to school with would make traffic and it not safe around the school join me and fight for no basing.

  • Parent already pay

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