Should parents play a role in deciding their child's future?

  • Yes

    It is 100% correct. parents should be able to direct their children toward their future. This is because the parents have given birth to the child and have to raise them up. Without the parents the child wouldn't even be alive. It is essential for parents to have a say in their child's future or the child could become disobedient and forget their parents. They'll start to think that their parents don't even have any "power" over them. The child will become spoiled and disrespectful. Also, the parents have also gone through the same scenario's, if not very similar scenarios during their lives. They'll be able to guid their children this way.

    Posted by: Tmtm
  • Parents are not rubbish to be thrown away somewhere.

    They gave up so much for you and now you just want to throw them away? I'm sure you wouldn't want that when you grow old! I'm sure you would want your children to care for you and not just throw you away in a home, like you were some garbage thrown an a bin. They never did that to you no matter how hard it was for them.

  • Parents should play a role in deciding their child's future.

    I believe that parents should play a role in deciding their child's future because a parent is the one that a child looks up to. We made those children by struggling and by having sex with our partner. Children should look up to us so then we can teach them how to do things like having sex and doing other things.

  • Children know nothing

    It is the parent's whole purpose of being to hopefully use their wisdom of life to promote their progeny's success in theirs. My parents left me in the crap only now grown up can I see it. Now I pay the price of poor parenting and it is dear. Good guidance and support children need not selfish parents. Otherwise they will be left behind their peers who are blessed with good parents.

  • yes

    Parents should play a supporting role in deciding their child's future. Forcing children to take a certain path is always a way to parent, yet leaves the child up for some serious rebellion. There is a time and place that parents have to give up control. Guidance is a far better option, as you won't be able to predict the future, nor the future of your child.

  • Parents care for you

    Parents are the ones that you spend most of your time with. They would know you the best and would therefore know whats good for you. They would make the right decisions for your future and would help you through tough times no matter what it is. They would give you the support you need when you need it most.

  • Giving choices To

    As we parent our children, even grandchildren they look to peers, parents and teachers for information .
    If we are not interacting with our children on many levels they may not advance to the best of their ability. They should be given as many options as possible so when they become young adults their decision making will be less stressful .

  • I think it's important for parents to be a part of their children's decisions

    I think it's important for parents to be a part of their children's decisions. This is because the parents have given birth to the child and have to raise them. Without the parents the child wouldn't even be alive. It is essential for parents to have a say in their child's future or the child could become disobedient and forget their parents. They'll start to think that their parents don't even have any "power" over them. The child will become spoiled and disrespectful. Also, the parents have also gone through the same scenario's, if not very similar scenarios during their lives. They'll be able to guide their children this way.

  • Parent cares..And they are important.

    According to me parent is somebody who gave you support and they really cares for you. Parent will help you in every of your difficult time they are always here for you. A parent is very precious for every human being. Parent will will guide you to the right path.NEVER ignore your parent and those who ignore they really don't deserve this world...So never let them down because whatever decision your parent take is for your good...Love your parent, care for them the way they care for you....

  • Children need direction, that is our job as parents...Not to dictate but direct

    Yes parents should play a big role in decisions involving their childs future. A parent has life experience, wisdom and knowledge that a child does not have so why wouldnt a parent be an important contributor to their childs future? Yes you want your child to have focus and clarity on future goals but its a parents job to guide.

  • Thoughts are great for kids as that is their own.

    Children have many interests and thoughts of their own which they wish to express by choosing their favorite and in which they are good at stream or career. They are very conscious about themselves. When parents chose the children have no role in playing in their own life .Most of them hate their jobs. Loving their own jobs let them grow better in their life.The kids can ask \tell the parents that "I are going to take this job "and if the parents allow that would be good.

  • No, parents should not play a role in deciding the future of their children.

    Parents often tend to want their children to be like them or not do something because they never had a chance to. It's not the parent's life, it's the child's. The child has to learn to make decisions of their own in life and then deal with the consequences. Parents need to let go a little bit and let their kids live their lives. If they're happy with what they decide for their future, then that's all that matters.

  • A child has his own decisions

    Alright, parents should have a say at least, but they shouldn't just plan their child's future, not caring for the child's say on their own future. If the child doesn't like it then they wont try hard and will wind up failing and having nothing in life...

  • It's not okay to raise children like that.

    Alright, so say you want to go to college. Your parents want to choose a good one for you, like Harvard University. However, you want a different college, other than the one they want. When you tell them about that, they'll say no, and that's bad for the person wanting to go to college, especially since he's supposed to be an adult who can make his own decisions. Imagine if every aspect of your life was decided by your parents, including your house, your husband/wife and just about everything else! Wouldn't that be awful?

  • We are free to decide

    Parents need to be understanding instead of ordering, they need to have patience instead of overconfidence, they should not play a decisive role but an active and supportive role. They need to hatch the egg instead of smashing it.
    They should not compare their child with others as their child is their's and others have their own.
    We respect their emotions but can't be an emotion in ourselves...

  • You will not be dare for their whole life

    Seriously, you can't plan their whole life for them. By doing so, you are practically ruining their life. What if you are not there for them anymore? None of us can live forever. You have to let them make their own decisions so they can be independent when they are older.

  • Because their child have his / her own life

    I am against because some parents are not good for their child . In his / her childhood some parents want to became a teacher , doctor , businessman , architecture etc . But in their age they cannot became anything . So when their child grow up they want his/ her child became that they want . Then his / her child have their own dreams about his / her future

  • It's a child's choice

    It is a kids choice of what they want to do in their life, children often do bad things such as underage drinking and illegal drugs because they have had no freedom and have never had a good time in their life. These kids had no child hood and are trying to live it in the future when different things are used to have fun with.

  • It's MY Life! They Have Their Own Lives!

    There's a reason people reproduce, and it's not to have their own little minions like in the Sims. We each are born INDIVIDUAL and FREE! Liberty doesn't mean you have the right to own your property as well as your neighbor and his property. It means every man is born free and equal, with the right to own their OWN property, protected with given rights. The parent's have no right to tell their children they MUST grow up to be a doctor! What if they're legally blind!? Are they still expected to perform heart surgery? Everyone who votes in favor of the adults being able to dictate their children's lives have already lived theirs. It's not fair, and will in fact lead to resentment. The parents do have the right to step in when the children get out of control (cursing, drinking, drugs, smoking, causing self harm, etc), but truthfully, individuality is key here. The parents are to raise their kids up right (going to church), love them unconditionally, and punish them when necessary, but they shouldn't let their power go to their heads. For example, when a 16 year old girl has a boyfriend, the parents have no right to break them up JUST because they don't like him. It's the girl's relationship, which they have no business in without granted permission. They do have a right to sit down with the girl and calmly explain why they feel the way they do (or explain they want to protect her), but she's turning into a woman, and it's her who's going to marry they guy. It's her choice who she dates. The biggest problem with parents now is that they're either too controlling, which shows zero respect for the children and accepting them as who they are, or they don't care enough. In both cases, the child does feel like nothing they do is ever good enough. I'm not asking for people to be perfect parents, I'm just asking for you to realize that you DON'T always know what's best. You're humans, too, you make mistakes! Please think about how you treat your kids, because once they turn 18 and move out, they may hate you the rest of their lives. I know most of you don't care about "fair", because "life isn't fair", but does that mean that you have to add to it? Really? You guys don't understand. You grew up in a different time than we did. Our lives are separate, and different. Your kids want to talk to you about their lives, but you keep pushing them away when you don't even consider how they feel. I'm not saying give into everything they want and raise brats, I'm saying stop dictating and listen! We just want to be heard and accepted! Accept that we have the rights to live our own lives the way we want when it comes down to it!

  • Not by a long shot

    As thecsoon to be ex husband of a woman ...Girl, who has been controlled her whole life, I must say, it certinly has not helped her, only confused and made her ashamed of choices she felt forced into. She is not happy with her life because its not hers, just an extension of her parents.

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Quan says2013-06-13T16:52:13.877
They should play a role, but that role should not include imposing career goals, romantic partners, etc. On them. Provide guidance to help them make responsible decisions and succeed, but they must be allowed to make their own decisions even if you disagree with them. It's not your life and your children are not your property.
Anonymous says2013-09-20T14:35:19.300
Parents should be loving and caring and first study their wards capabilities thoroughly and guide them towards that and should never pester their wards towards what they feel is great and good for the wards. If parents can guide and support their wards towards their capabilities, their wards will shine more and lead a purposeful life. Otherwise if forced to choose a way of live that differs from the wards interest, it would be a disaster. So parents do have an important role in supplementing their wards by supporting and giding them properly and there lies the spirit. Every parent must study closely about their wards real capability and then help them out.