Should parents pressure children to get good grades

Asked by: seawave
  • You Have It all Wrong

    You may think that it will bring children stress and just make their life hard however when forcing a child to get good grades your also helping their future to become brighter. You could say, You work hard now or you work hard later. Work hard now and have a better future is the best option. It's simple logic.

  • Of course, They should

    There is no reason you should not be getting an A or B. Unless if you have a learning disability or something. In the workforce a D or C job is unacceptable and will get you fired. In the real world you need to be perfect. We should start making our kids learn that now

  • Encouraging, Not pressuring

    There’s a distinct difference between encouraging a child and pure pressure. In fact, The constant pressure done to a child may actually have the reverse effect. Mental health should be the top priority of a child, As not only does this nurture their well-being, But this also encourages positive outlooks on grades, Work, And much more for the future. There’s so much more to the world, And not everything revolves constantly around a black-and-white textbook.

  • Life would be harder and way more stressful

    If parents require their child to get all A's then that just puts more pressure on the student. For example, If a test comes up and don't even understand the topic you are being taught, You will take the test, Fail it, Having a result of your total grade going down. That puts more pressure on you because now you have to make that up or else you parents will just yell at you, Not letting you do anything but homework. I just don't understand why some parents require their children to have all A's or else their grounded, It just makes no sense to me.

  • Can cause stress

    If a parent is pressuring their child to get good grades, It can cause stress. A child shouldn't have to stress about their grades at school. They should be free to visit family, Play outside, And spend time with friends. Having your child stress about school can take that away.

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