Should parents prevent their kids from being Gothic?

Asked by: Freakette
  • Kids should expiriment

    Kids and teenagers are aware of cultural taboos. At the end of the day minors are opinionated individuals and deserve to be able to present themselves in any manner they want, considering it’s safe for them and others. It’s wrong to not let them control their own bodies. We all go through phases. If they choose to look goth for a little bit they’ll know if they like it or not. But never let them feel as if they don’t have freedom of expression or their bodies are not 100% owned by them.

  • No, goth is not what some parents think it is

    Goth is a subculture for people who have a similar taste in music, however what many parents do not realize is that goths do not appreciate cutting them selves. The subculture is heavily against people who cut them selves especially because it gives goths a bad image that being depressed is goth like. The reality is that goth is not about being sad its the opposite. Goth is about being happy with things that others consider sad. Its someone who was born different not who became different.
    You also can not stop your kid from being goth. Goth is a personality. Wearing black is associated with goth but the true essence of goth is literature and music. The music is also not demonic. Many people are also led to believe that goth music is metal, but it is actually the opposite. Goth music was a response to punk music in the 70s. It was derivative of punk and is actually a soft version of rock that expresses it self with ambiance. There are actually many kids who become depressed because they cant be goth or they are depressed then after entering the subculture they no longer feel alienated.

  • No, although more complicated than that.

    If someone wants to be goth to be goth, great. However, there is often an emotional cause for someone to choose this lifestyle. Showing love, compassion, and getting the person help if needed should be done. This is not to say being goth is wrong, just that the underlying causes, if existent, should be addressed properly.

  • No they shouldn't

    I think that people who are Gothic should stay like that because they need to express who they want to be. No one has to change their personality to be like someone else so If you are Gothic then be that because no onecan tell you what to do when it comes to being yourself

  • Be who YOU are

    Parents should let their kids be who they were born to be instead of forcing them to be someone who they are not comfortable being. I don't see the problem in being GOTHIC if the kid isn't hurting or harming anyone. People are always saying be unique, original and be yourself. Well if your saying someone can't be gothic thats kind of hypocritical.

  • What's so bad about goths?

    Why is this even a question? There is nothing wrong with Goths, there is no correlation (let alone causation) between Goths and crime rates, and psychology shows is that Gothic females are quite attractive to heterosexual males, so why should they? Kids need to be individuals, and explore what they feel comfortable wearing, and how they feel comfortable acting,

  • Kids Are Their Own People

    Some parents fear what other adults might think of them, or fear their kid will become depressed, or that they'll be bullied and their life will be harder, but nothing makes a kid more depressed and prone to hardships than trying to be something they're not because of their parents' irrational fears of a subculture. The thoughts of other adults shouldn't matter, in fact, other adults should be commending them for allowing their child to be their own person and not try to follow the trends in desperate attempts to be liked in school. If a child is taught to be themselves, regardless of how it looks, and be happy with themselves, then people who share their interests will flock to them and they'll find genuine people worth keeping in their life, and genuine freedom and happiness.

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