Should parents purchase war toys for their children?

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    Ar toys and games are a family concern. War toys are playthings, used in simulated conflict, to gain power, and win by using violence. A war toy's aim is to wound or kill. Playing is fun, but when children play war games they learn things like creating two sides, "ours" and "theirs"; solving arguments by fighting; using guns and other war equipment as toys; praising and rewarding the use of violence and physical strength; starting fights and making enemies; pretending people don't suffer and die in a war; and making war seem okay.

    War toys are easier for children to play with than learning how to read or play the piano. War toys teach children aggression. Aggression needs an outlet, but aggression can be played out in a non-violent manner with peaceful games.

    Children should know what really happens in a war. People are hurt, maimed and killed. War toys, games, television shows, and movies using guns seldom show the real effect of what violence does to people. It is wrong to hurt others or pretend to hurt others, but violence sells in the media in action adventures like CSI and the multiple murders and shootings, bleeding and leading on local TV news.

  • An awareness of evil is better than no knowledge of it.

    If a child knows about war and about the bad things that can happen in it then they, in my opinion will be less likely to do it for real. If they don't mess around and play games they'll just think more about the real subject than the game version this putting them in a more dangerous decision. Besides if you do stop children from having these war toys then where does it stop? Do you stop buying books that have fights in them because you don't want your child to see fighting? Do you know let them read any book with death in it because it's too much for them to cope with? I think it is extremely unhealthy for children to be kept out of the loop with what is going on. Do you completely shelter them from the real world so that they cannot experience anything until the shock hits them when they are much older? Besides when is a child 'old enough' to know about war? As is the case with all questions on maturity, some people will be ready before others and that's the way it is. It is also in my opinion good for the children to know about the evils out there and that they know what an amazing job out brave soldiers are doing. To conclude yes they should be allowed war toys as I think it is just over protective and unnecessary for them to be shielded from it.

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