• Yes, parents should put tracking devices on their children.

    Yes, parents should put tracking devices on their children. But only if they are small children maybe age 6 and under. Those kids if they got lost would truly be lost, but ages 7 and up know how to use the phone and should be speaking clearly enough to ask for help if they are lost.

  • Up to a certain age

    Once kids begin maturing I take issue with this, but I see no issue in doing it when they are very young and don't have the common sense to stay away from certain situations. A young child can get lost for a lot of reasons, it would be helpful to be able to electronically locate them.

  • Why not track?

    There really aren't any downsides to tracking and problems only occur if the parent decides to be an annoyance about the child's every move. Otherwise tracking the child is safer than the alternative of not tracking. It really is about the parent's decision. Just download the app and checking in when there is an anomaly would be a potential option that many people are ignoring.

  • Yesh only for a young age

    Cuz yall see kiddos below like 18 need tracking devices cuz like they may get lost or something. And also isnt it better to be safe than sorry? I mean if they grow older and still have it then thats not right but still, When they are jot mature yet u should put a tracking device on them or sthing. No microchips tho, Thats overdoing everything

  • It is necessary!

    They should track their child, For safety precautions. The children WANT privacy, Not NEED it. It is understandable that when they grow they would want their privacy, And to be independent, But their safety is way more important, Then what they want. It is okay to be independent, But its better to be safe than sorry. There is many bad situation they could in front when they are alone. It is best to keep at ease to those parents who worry for there child safety. I as a child, Do not feel safe in the environment I live in, And I would feel better if they knew where I am.

  • My parents track me

    And I am okay with this. My parents and I use Life360. Mainly because my phone was stolen once. Now we have a family circle on a very useful app called Life360. It's useful to me as well so that I know when my parents will arrive to pick me up from school. It would be helpful in situations like if I lost my phone, I had been kidnapped, I didn't know where my parents were, And then some. It really doesn't make you feel like you are being followed. But I do think that a whole tracking device may be unnecessary as you could easily track your family right from your phone.

  • Yes because its great

    Yes because so there could find there children if they are in somewhere that they should not be because you could give the phone to the police officer are if there are in the back of some ones trunk they will get tracked down and they will go to jail like if someone is on the streets and the police is looking for them y and i think you should just not pot it one your child

  • Watch your child

    I'm a child and I honestly agree that we need to put a tracker or something to show where us kids are. I think we should put on all kids that are under 18 because those kids under that age could lie. Like they will say that there going to the movies with friends but they went to a abandoned house. So yes they need something so they could be tracked by there parents

  • Yes they should.

    Because if their parents aren't home and there is no home phone then how are they supposed to know if they're home. What if they get kidnapped and then how will their parent's know where to find them huh? People should know where their child is even if they are being over protective it's for a good reason.

  • Young age only!!!

    At a young age, (6 at the oldest) kids can get lost easily but if your kid got kid-napped and the police couldn't find them, You'd be glad that the kid had a tracking device. If the kid got taken, you'd know the general area of were the kid is. : P

  • This is outrageous!

    Kids should not have to feel like they are constantly being watched. What if someone stole your phone, and could see where your kid is? How would the parent feel? I would fear for my child's saftey. Also, Microshipping your kid is outrageous! I mean, I can understand if you do it to a pet, but not your kid.

  • Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa

    Parents should not put tracking devices on their children. How about teaching them responsibility from a young age, and teaching them to be street savvy and people smart from a young age? What are they dogs? I swear, the modern world is just so ridiculous sometimes, it makes me ill.
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  • Complete lack of trust

    It's a freaking complete lack of trust that your kid needs a tracking device on or under the skin it not ethical and just kids would grow up without a good relationship with their mom and dad so it just really stupid but there are pros and cons do it doesn't matter

  • Kids might not like it

    If I ever was to put one of these tracking devices on my kid he would not be very happy with me he would be screaming and trying to pull it off. This tracking device is bad because other people can hack into your tracking thing and find out where your kid is and kidnap them or try and rob your family. IT IS NOT A GOOD IDEA TO HAVE ONE!

  • No privacy not fair

    Why should we put a tracking device on our children? Really? It is not fair to our kids that they don't get their own privacy to do what they want. Yeah I mean we don't want our kids doing drugs and drinking alcohol but like when they are trying to have their own privacy especially when they are teenagers. I don't think it is fair!

  • From the same folks who brought you "NO TAG"

    Yeah the supporting headline is right. I am quite a bit older than my young siblings, but at their elementary school they are not allowed to play tag. What a ridiculous world we live in. Of course, this is after they tear down the jungle gyms and sterilize all the PE classes.

    All those awesome wooden play-parks have been replaced by plastic ones that discourage climbing and jumping all because some kid fell off one once and therefore peed in the watering hole for everybody else.

  • No, I don't think parents should put tracking devices on their children.

    I think parents need to trust their child and be informed about where their child is at going to be but I don't this it's necessary for a parent to have a tracking device on their child, I think parents need to show that they trust their child and trust that they going to be where they said they were going to be.

  • Bad idea, no tracking of kids!

    This is the deal, back in my day (I'm almost 60) we either took the bus or we walked. We honored, respected and most always loved our parents, most always we did what they said and if we didn't some form of punishment was dealt out. Yes even a spanking, today all the kids are taught different. Things have gone down hill for awhile now. We now I guess want to treat the kids like convicts, how about parents doing their jobs and parent!

  • Parents Should Not Put Tracking Devices on Children

    No, parents should not put tracking devices on their children. Every generation of children since the beginning of humankind has gotten by just fine without the use of tracking devices. Indeed, such devices were impossible or impractical before this generation. As such, I see no reason that placing such devices on children now is needed.

  • No, they should not.

    Parents should not put tracking devices on their children. How about teaching them responsibility from a young age, and teaching them to be street savvy and people smart from a young age? What are they dogs? I swear, the modern world is just so ridiculous sometimes, it makes me ill.

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tjbrks says2018-01-31T19:13:21.730
Yes they should put tracking devices in because what if their child get kidnapped and if they do then you know where they are and you can call the police right away

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