• Absolutely! We're strict parents!

    Children who are raised by strict parents are more respectful, intelligent, and level headed. Being a strict parent does not mean you are a child abuser. It means you care enough for your children to lead them in the right direction by enforcing certain rules to be followed. My husband and I raise our children the old fashioned way. It's how we were raised by our parents. We were never abused, but we were never given too much lead way to get out of control. We have 3 children. A 16 yr old daughter, an 11 yr old daughter, and an 8 yr old son. They ALL obey the rules we set in our home. For example: our oldest knows that she is not allowed to get her license until she's 18. That's one strict rule we enforce (which will also be enforced with her younger siblings as they get older). As well as, no dating until they're 18. Not everyone agrees with some of our rules, but they're OUR children and we will raise them the way we see fit. I can tell you this...Our children are very respectful and kind to people, as oppose to my stepsister's 4 children who have 0 rules set for them. I'd say being strict parents has worked in our favor.

  • This is slippery

    I understand what the people voting "no" are saying, and I agree. I just think strict is being taken too far. Yes it has a negative connotation especially to the point where people think of the movie Carrie, but that's not what strict has to be. Being strict only serves a few purposes: 1) demand respect (which people have to learn no matter what, and it's best to grow up knowing it from the start than to grow up freer than respect allows), 2) it demands certain rules be followed (these don't have to be tyrannical parent laws that force children into an unhealthy mindset) and 3) it demands self-control (this is also incredibly important, especially to young people who may end up becoming a nuisance to everyone they meet, especially authorities, if they don't learn self-control). So it can be a bad thing, but it's more inherently a good thing, so I say yes.

  • Kids need control.

    I think that parents should most definitely raise children in a strict way. Parents are not here to be their childrens friends. They are here to teach them right from wrong and enforce it. If you are a push-over and let your children have control, then they will probably end up in jail.

  • Harsher society, parents need to become stricter.

    Society is growing more and more competitive and it will be increasingly harder for children to become successful later on in life. A child's success will depend on how strict his or her parents are. A strict parent will allow their child(ren) to get better grades in school, and become more responsible. Children left free to roam tend to get in trouble and become "bad". Also, strict parents must discipline their children and allow them to realize their what they are doing for them in beneficial, not harmful.

  • Yes, of course!

    The bottom line is that children do appreciate it when parents take more of a role in their life and model good behavior. "Strict" has a negative connotation in our society. I do think that being too strict is can be harmful, but consistent rules need to be MADE, MODELED, AND ENFORCED, Strict parenting does not mean that your children cannot watch T.V. People are saying that parents should not be strict, but they are only looking at the extreme and outlandish end. What do you think your 6 year old will do when he comes back home? Watch T.V. or pull out his homework and make up his mind to learn? I can guarantee that he will watch T.V., especially since the T.V. constantly runs in many households. Many might say that if he really truly enjoyed what he was doing, he would choose to do the homework by himself, and parents do not need to interfere, THAT IS ABSOLUTELY RIDICULOUS. Not one single person in this world comes out of the womb knowing what do with their life. It is up to their parents to guide them and make sure they are going in the right direction. It is up to them to foster their interests and teach them lifelong habits. "Strict" parenting does not mean that you are abusing your child, it means that you care about them, love them, and are guiding them in the right direction.

  • Yes they should.

    Parents should raise their kids in a strict way instead of a lenient way. Too many kids now a days are getting away with everything, which is turning them into reckless and irresponsible adults. If the parents are strict on their kids, they will grow up to be much better people.

  • Parents shouldn't be strict

    Children should be treated with love so that they can grow up to have a family that is known to be understanding. When you raise a child in a strict way the child would not feel that as if he can not relate or speak with his/her parents because they might feel as if it is not comfortable to speak with them thus the child will find other people much like relatives because they feel that they are accepted and are loved. As a child who was raised in a strict way I felt a need to escape my house or had I called it prison. I looked for other people who I felt close with where I could be my self. Just an advise treat your children with love and care before you treat them strictly.

  • Perhaps a better word would be "Structured"

    The way I see it, Both sides are trying to argue the same point in differing ways. I think that we would all agree that each parent should approach their parenting with a large amount of love and humility, But that their child must also be taught the basic rules required to thrive in a civilized society. This does not mean that the parent has the right to treat their child as some kind of slave that is compelled to conform, But rather as an apprentice that should be treated with love, Respect, And patience while at the same time establishing and maintaining an expectation along with any related consequences (both bad AND good) Children thrive in an environment in which they know the rules and know that the violation of said rules will bring consequences that they might not enjoy. Of course, The parent should always act out of love rather than out of a desire to punish. All in all, I feel that we would all do better with structure-based parenting.

  • People are not being brought up properly.

    The better you are brought up, the farther you will go in life. But it's bet not to go over the top e.G you should allow your child to watch TV but only until a certain time. Or you should allow your children to go out with friends but set a curfew

  • I was raised strictly, the way I was.

    My parents raised me in a way in which I must be courteous, humble, but hardworking, that is why I am a doctor, and I am raising my children the same
    -3 minute showers: Any longer and I make the taps cold. You do not need to shower for long to be clean. Water is a valuable resource, one that should be conserved.
    -No shoes: They only footwear they have are for school. Once they are out of school, the socks and shoes come off, they even home barefoot. Even outdoors, or during a bit of rain, being barefoot makes their soles. Hard, it will be helpful when older.
    -No television: Unhealthy, they should be spening time outdoors or reading. We however, do sometimes allow them if a nice documentary is on.

    Point is, we are strict. Both of them are very courteous.

  • Parents should not be strict!

    Some people believe strict parenting is better for their children because they will be better behaved;however that is not always true. Strict child raising actually produces kids with lower esteem who behaves worse than others,therefore get punished more! Strict parenting creates behaver problems in children.
    In spite have being harsh may temporarily control behaver, however they don't help children learn self-regulate, instead harsh limits trigger resistance for taking responsibility for themselves. NO ONE LIKE BEING CONTROLLED! Unless you are weird. Would you like being a puppet always being controlled by your puppet master; always doing what the puppet master wanted?
    You may say that you are not a bully and you may not be,you may just be concerned about you child's future even though you need to consider how your child feels and what they want to do in the future, not want you want them to do. They need to walk on their own two feet and walk their own paths and may want guidance from their parents.
    Another reason they may obey, but they don't learn to think for themselves.Later in life they wont question authority when they should. They're less likely to take responsibility for their actions and just just follow the group/crowd by saying that they were only"following orders." ....
    I'm 14 years old a teen and my parents aren't really strict; not unless they have too.They understand I'm my own person and I need to take responsibility for my action which I do.My mother hates being told what to do;she understands what its like getting ordered around, so if my parents respects me I will respect them as well.I follow rules and I walk on my own path.
    Finally being strict can damage your relationship with your kids. Parenting becomes much harder because your kids become less interested with pleasing you, also becomes harder to manage them, meaning you end up fighting lots with your child as well as that your child may be looking for love in all the wrong places, and no parent want their love to get hurt in any kind of way.

  • I disagree that parents should raise children in a strict way.

    I always fight with my parents. I fight wih my parents because they are too strict. They want me to go to good school and good university so i have to study hard everyday. But i'm tired of my life now. And even though i don't want to against to my parents but i automatically fight with them. I know that strict rules are need to us but too many strict rules make us tired.

  • You're pretty much Bullying your child!

    My parents are beyond strict and I hide in my room every day until they go to bed. I go behind there backs and lie to them all the time. They raised the best liar is what my friends say. I wish I could be honest to my parents and let them know the real me, but the real me would get me grounded for life! In my opinion, it's my life. Let me learn from my own mistakes and let me choose my own future!!

  • Children should not be brought up in a rude manner

    God create people to enjoy everything available on earth.....He blesses a child with parent to guide and guard not to dominate...And he provides children with teachers to let them know about the things that are available for them to enjoy their life....Life is not eternal...So no thing is a belonging of another...Hence taking to much rights on somebody to express love and anger is equally a sin...

  • I don't think that parents should be strict with their children.

    It's a truly difficult question... But I think that parents should raise their children with love more that stiffness. Children feel that, it you don't give them the freedom that they deserve then they won't grow properly and they will just end up being the exact opposite of what parents want their children to be : a respectful and kind child. It's just my opinion but it's really saddening when I see children that are raised in a strict way, it's like they are going to explode from the inside. And even more when I see how they turn when they grow up ... It's just such a waste.

  • I am a child and my mom isn't strict. I am just fine

    If the times comes parents can e strict but otherwise strict parents come off as mean or unloving. Many of my friends dread going home when they got under a 90 on a test or they got a stain on their shirt. Our society lacks faith in my generation and I AM TIRED OF IT.

  • Don't be mean

    You'll harm their freedom and will not help them if you don't let them learn and experience by them self's in some occasions they won't understand why they can't do that. Yes some kids can be rebellious but I am sure that people would listen and understand more when talked to nicely. That's what I think.

  • If they wanted to raise a sheltered robot, then yes

    This is based of the general definition of what it means to be "strict." Parents (most of the time) are the first human beings a child will come into contact with. It is often underestimated just how easy it is to mold a child's mind and future behavior. Chances are, if a child is raised in a strict manner they will live life being very inflexible and not adaptable to changing ways, and also very sheltered from the world.

  • I can understand the ones who stated "yes"

    In today's society it is not about being strick with children its about creating an exclusive and an adventurous, yet controlled surrounding for them. Being strict with children will allow them to become ruthless, malicious and self independent too soon and you'll come to find out that they run to others for safety comfort and love because they don't seem to have that at home. Children must be grown in a comfortable environment in order for them to flourish. They need to be thought wrong from right, disciplined and encouraged and need to be able to discuss whatever problems they may be facing in there lives with parents. If they don't have that trust with parents they are going to seek it elsewhere and that sometimes may be the wrong persons but its the place where they feel loved!

  • No they shouldn't

    Because by raising your children in a strict manner they will one, grow up hating you two, they will miss out on the wonderful experience of child hood if the parents is over protective and strict and when they're teenagers they will run away from home to do the activities that are dangerous because of the lack of freedom they have and when they turn in to adults might find the best decision is to run away from home.

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