Should parents raise children without TV: Do TV ads have a negative influence on individuals?

  • Parents would do well to raise their children without TV.

    Today's television programming is so very bad, where does one begin? As an adult, I don't even own a television anymore, and don't hardly miss it. It's riddled with sexual innuendo, perversion, it depicts criminal behavior as heroic, it teaches really bad social habits and attitudes, it fosters a materialistic mindset, etc. It's simply not suitable for children anymore. Even the cartoons are perverse and violent. When parents wonder why their child is acting strangely or out of line, television is often the first likely suspect. They're simply mimicking behaviors witnessed on TV.

  • Yes, they make children want things.

    Yes, TV ads have a negative influence on children, because it makes them decide that they need things. Children will see things that they didn't know existed, and they will ask their parents for those things. Advertisements are intended to make people want things, and children are particularly vulnerable to it.

  • Ads Do Influence

    I believe television advertising does have a negative influence on individuals. The American society has been swayed by these ads, which has led them to buy things don't even really want or need. Advertising in every where, we see it all day, everyday. I find this makes people feel as though they need a lot of stuff they don't, as if, the ads represented the norms.

  • Yes, TV ads influence beliefs and priorities.

    Yes, TV ads have a negative influence, because children grow up with a warped perception of reality. Children see things on television and assume that everyone has them. They see things on television and assume that the things people are doing are typical and normal. Television distorts wants, especially among children. It is better to raise children without television.

  • TV ads mess with your mind, and childrens' minds moreso.

    Many people may think that they are not affected by ads. The companies that pay for these ads would not pay millions of dollars to have their ads aired unless they were truly an influence. In the case of children, TV ads encourage an unhealthy level of materialism and need to have the newest things. This materialism is detrimental to society at large, and children should be kept from the damage.

  • No, though parental guidance is needed.

    TV ads most probably do have a negative influence on children because they teach them to value products as able to give them power and make them attractive. However, there is a lot on tv that is positive, so what is needed is parental influence and guidance so that only certain programs are watched and the ads are discussed.

  • TV is okay

    Parents can do whatever they want when it comes to raising their children and what they are able to see, but there is a lot of good stuff on TV. There are a lot of good educational programs for children who are young, and sometimes TV is a good way to escape.

  • No. Raising children without TV is not the solution.

    No. Although some TV ads could have a negative impact on children, parents won't always be able to shield their children from the impact. It should be up to parents to effectively limit their children's exposure to TV in an effort to limit the negative impact and also build up their children's ability to discern what they should and should not be watching.

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