Should parents raise children without TV: Does TV have little substantive cultural value?

  • I agree that TV has little cultural value.

    I think it is up to the parents of the child as to raise their child/children without TV. However, TV does not really have any cultural value. Going to the museum has cultural value, visiting another country has cultural value. TV, not so much! Although some channels do teach history so that is cultural value, but overall it does not have any value.

  • Internet Rules Airwaves

    The television is no longer the central form of entertainment for children and families. Laptop computers, tablets and cell phones are the next generation of tech devices that have captured more market share in contemporary times. Raising children without a television is perfectly viable--just buy whatever episodes you want on various streaming services instead of watching the smut of reality television shows on the silver screen today.

  • They don't call it the idiot box for nothing

    While some good programs are on TV, overall it cannot be said that the TV has much promise as an educational tool. The current epidemic of attention disorders may well be linked to the watching of too much television, and the achievement gap between rich and poor may well be due to the fact that they poor educate and babysit their children with a television, while the rich can afford books and real babysitters. Reading is a dying skill in our society, which is another reason the television is culturally harmful, since the positive aspects of our culture are carried more effectively through books than television.

  • Parents should not.

    Ask your child what they think. Sure, you can take it away the first few years, but ask when theyre an age that they can make such a decision. Though books are a good option, youd have to have an awful lot of stamina to be entertained all day. School teaches children how to read, and more often than not have tvs in the schools, so you cannot keep it from them. See what they think of the matter, and then decide. Personally I think that television, depending on what you watch, can be very educational.

  • No. tv has value.

    TV needs to be meted out according to parental standards, of course, but it can serve a valuable purpose. It does not just entertain, but a lot of it does educate also. So parents need to let their kids be part of the prevailing culture without getting totally caught up in it.

  • No they should not.

    I do not think it is needed to raise a child without a TV that will make them feel like they are different than everyone else and will miss out on a lot of cool shows that actually help the kids learn in the long run in the first place.

  • Without Is Bad

    I do not believe it is a good idea to attempt to raise children without TV. TV is a major part of American culture and banning it from your household will only lead the child to become more and more curious about it. I think it is far better to be selective about what children watch.

  • Parents can but don't have to

    Parents should not raise kids without television unless that is how they choose to do it. Every parent has a different style and belief system. They should be allowed to raise their kids as they see fit. If this means no television that is fine. If it means television every day that is fine too.

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