• A valuable waste

    There has been a trend ever since television became mass marketed that parents have now replaced raising a child on their own with sitting it in front of the TV and letting its brain rot. Now, every parent needs leisure time, and it's convenient, but it would be ideal to keep them away from this.

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  • No parents shouldn't

    No, I do not think that there is any reason for parents to raise their kids without letting them watching TV. There are some really good and educational programs on TV, and as long as parents monitor what their children watch and view then the kids will be ok watching TV.

  • Parents should not raise their children without TV.

    Although parents shouldn't let their kids watch too much TV, it would be cruel to forbid them from watching any at all. Most children watch at least a little TV, and it is an important shared experience that a generation shares. Kids would be out of touch if they couldn't watch TV.

  • Parents should not raise their children without television.

    Parents should not raise their children without television. While television plays a large and oftentimes excessive role in the lives of young people, it is a great way to receive information about the world around us. Children then take this information and become better informed global citizens, which is what this world needs.

  • No there is no need to

    Parents should be free to raise their kids how they see fit. If they choose no television that is fine, but there should not be a push for this. Television is a form of entertainment and will be in everyone's lives for years to come whether the child is raised with it or not.

  • Some TV Is Fine

    I believe there are some really great programs for children on TV. For that reason, I do not believe it would be necessary for parents to protect their children from the TV. Generally, when you elect to hide something, like television, from a child, they eventually learn what it is all about from another source.

  • No, they shouldn't have to.

    It makes no sense to cut out all television. TV can be a learning tool if it is used effectively. It can be a creative outlet to help children expand their minds. There are good programs and bad programs. That is why we have a ratings systems so parents can choose quality programming.

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