Should parents seeking divorce be required to get their children's consent?

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  • Parents do not need children's consent

    No, I do not think that parents who want to get a divorce should require their children's consent. Sometimes people fall out of love, which is unfortunate for children, but getting a divorce is an adult decision. Children should not be in adult decisions, and divorce is left to the parents to decide.

  • Not mature enough

    When it comes to divorce it is between the parents. Yes, sometimes there is a custody battle that may lead to some form of mental trauma to the child. However, most of the time the child is too young to understand exactly what is going on. They lack the mentality to understand the pros and cons and sometimes the facts of their parents relationship. To sum it up, unless the child is of 14 years old and can decisively make a choice, the only choice the child should have at that time should be which parent they want to reside with.

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