• I Turned Out Fine

    When I was a little kid my parents spanked me if I was acting up or throwing a tantrum. Not really hard, but enough to get my attention and make me straighten up. I don't feel like it did any long term damage. These days spanking your child is borderline child abuse, which is why we have all these spoiled, bratty little things running around with their iPads and deciding what type of punishment they should receive... Give me a break! People don't want to parent these days. Obviously spanking isnt used for every offense, it should be reserved for the most severe. And I'd probably only do it in your own home or some progressive non-spanking parent might call the police on you :)

  • Spanking

    Yes, in my personal opinion, I still think parents should be able to spank their kids. They did it way back when and no harm was done. As long as it's done as just a pat on the butt or leg, it's harmless. If the kids don't want to get hit again, they straighten up their behavior.

  • God says: A child's heart is bound in folly, but the rod of correction will drive that folly far from the child.

    God designed the universe and every single thing in it. God made the mechanism of making children require two people - a male and a female - which would become parents to the child. In order to restore God's design, we should start following his word. There isn't much else to say about this matter.

  • 100% yes for spanking

    From what I can see not spanking children, and instilling discipline leads to brats with no respect for rules or others. Spanking is often a much faster and efficient method of teaching children that there are unpleasant consequences to their actions , Especially in younger children. This has worked for thousands of years and the short term humiliation and pain leads to better long term decisions. Secondly parents should have the freedom to choose how they raise children, people feeling they have the right to say otherwise should really mind there own business!. In my time in North America I have been embarrassed many times seeing the lack of respect for elders and lack of discipline in our children. Thankfully Europe doesn't seem to buy into this generational fluffy approach to raising children. For the record I do not condone beating children - spanking is simply a tool to be used in moderation.

  • Does so instill behavior!!

    As long as it isn't a severe beating... OF COURSE!
    When i was a kid i was spanked,and I turned out much better than those bratty kids in high school
    who think its "cool" to do drugs and be stupid and gangster,It is better to be feared than to be taken advantage of I say,because if you "dont spank your kids and give them a reason" they will do whatever they want and ignore you,because you dont frighten them.Children who only get grounded will try to threaten you when they grow older unless you instill enough fear in them to make them see that there is punishment for doing wrong.

  • Bruh, too asian

    Countries are very different in their idea of torture. You see, India is just horrifying, Korea would be for the people who want a life with Mr. Kim Jung Un, and China would be the big facility for child spanking. The one reason I love America is the reason parents aren't allowed to go around spanking our butts. If you think it's ok for red butts, go to China where adults talk about how much times they spank their children's butts. I don't think this awesome country called America suits your red butt violence wishes.

  • Parents spanking their children is WRONG!!!!!!

    About 2000 years ago when the bible said jesus was born at this time the public used leather belts to torture the accused, so this means spanking is another form of torture. Jesus was also beaten with whips and hung on a cross. Hitting a child with a belt is like hitting a child with a whip an that is plain WRONG!!!

  • No, there are other ways to discipline.

    No, parents should not spank their kids, because there are other ways to teach children what is right and wrong than spanking them. When the Bible says, spare the rod and spoil the child, it is speaking metaphorically. Sparing the rod means to not discipline. Discipline is important. But it does not have to be physical.

  • Spanking is child abuse.

    A parent's job is to protect their children from any harm and to love them and make sure they're there for them when their child is afraid or hurt. Their job is not to cause this pain and fear. Another comment stated that children should respect their parents as opposed to being afraid of them, and I couldn't agree more. Everyone, regardless of age, deserves compassion and respectful treatment. When a parent promises their children that they will always protect them and keep any harm from coming to them, and they then go and hit them, what should the child think? Just because some of you who were spanked turned out 'fine' doesn't mean that everyone does. Studies have shown the damage that manifests later in the child's life if he or she was ever spanked, and from a common sense perspective, the thought of hitting a harmless and helpless little kid just makes me cringe. It's a lazy form of parenting, and all it's teaching is that it's okay to physically hurt someone to get your way. I -have- stopped parents out in public when I've see them spank their child for multiple reasons, and when it comes to public spankings, I'm especially opposed to that. It's degrading and humiliating, and it will only make the situation worse. Whenever I see a parent hit a crying child in a mall or busy area, usually the child only starts to cry more, doesn't feel any better, and the situation gets all the worse.

  • No.

    Spanking your kids is obviously not a good way to instill good character in your child. He or she will become fearful of you and see you as a threat. It is much better to explain with reason and use a more reasonable punishment to prevent the kid from repeating whatever rule he broke or bad behavior he enacted in.

  • Other Ways.

    No, parents should not spank their kids. There are other ways to explain to kids what they have done wrong besides hurting them. Some don't think it is abuse, but it is. If nothing else it puts your children in fear. You don't need kids to fear you, you only need to have their respect.

  • No. It is a sign of weakness.

    Spanking is a fear tactic and a violent response that shows a parent cannot control anger and cannot communicate with their child more effectively. Although spanking sends a clear and direct message, it is the easy way out because it requires less effort. Spanking can also backfire, leading to longer term resentment and loss of a bond.

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